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  1. Should be fine. I would replace the HDD for a SATA SSD and sell the 16GB RAM Module and buy 2 x 8GB or 2 x16GB in Dualchannel. The NVME Drive is only good as a boot drive. Windows will fill it up in no time. Rainer
  2. The Onboard Windows Defender and a don't click on anything attitude.
  3. I'm using the Channel Map. Instant Mission Bf109 Bomber Intercept. Flashes at the start of the intercept. Tried the same mission with a F-18 instead of the 109. Same glitch. Rainer
  4. Echt komisch. Meine Karte war damals niegelnagelneu und hat sofort funktioniert. Selbst bevor ich die freischalten konnte.
  5. Ich hatte zwar nur per Mastercard bestellt, aber da gab es keine Probleme. Ich musste nur bei Modulen über 50 Dollar warten bis meine niegelnagelneue Karte für das Online bezahlen freigeschaltet wurde bzw. das ID Verfahren durchgeführt wurde. Vielleicht mal schauen ob es vielleicht an der Autorisierung liegt. Rainer
  6. Saw it yesterday. Flying the BF109 Channel Bomber Intercept Mission with the Hornet. Strange Glitches and Flashes and the usual stuttering in this mission when the B17s are in View.
  7. It's always the same. If you need it it will not show. Played the Dora Mission a few Times and all is well. I changed a few settings in NVIDIA and DCS. The lag in the BF109 Bomber intercept is not gone. The fps are all over the place.
  8. Same for me. FW190D9 Instant Action Channel Map and BF109 Bomber Intercept. Still slow als Hell and laggy when the B17 Formation is in View. NVIDIA Setting on Factory Settings. Rainer
  9. But it's the same Boom when they hit the ground? If so, it make no sense in the game. Only if the damage model for the carrier includes the ordnance.
  10. Das wird es eher sein. Hatte ich bei meinem X56 und selbst beim Warthog so. Da waren nach Anschluss des neuen Schubreglers auch plötzlich in allen Maschinen zusätzlich die Achsen belegt. Löschen und fertig. Rainer
  11. Rainer_B.

    Members age?

    59. Flight Sims since 1987, Amiga and PC. DCS Newbie.
  12. That's your point and the other one is mine. DCS has both. Sometimes all i want is a little flight and that in a limited amount of my time. Then it's time for a hot start. And another time it's really fun to jump in the MB-339 or F-5 and do a cold start. Got is? DCS is a Sim, a hardcore flight sim, but not everyone has a flightsuit at home. Be cool:smilewink: Rainer
  13. i don't see the problem. I use some of the SP Missions as Template for other aircraft. It is only a setting for a cold and dark start or a hot start on the runway. I've all modules but my time is limited. As so i use the auto start or start on runway quite often because i not really know all the start procedures yet. Too many planes too little time. Rainer
  14. Thank you for the answer. Just ordered mine. The normal detent is not good if you use the Throttle as collective or for warbirds. Rainer
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