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  1. I would also like to see an option to disable spawning on catapults at all for multiplayer missions along with disabling cat 3+4 for public servers. I also think having something that would break carrier wires for a period of time. Right now people can land at 400 knots and be fine with it I would like to see a fast landing break the wire but slow the plane enough it cannot fly off the front of the carrier.
  2. | Now, there's something weird with your track: it starts at 08:06:39 when the mission is supposed to start at 08:00:00. Aircraft are already taxiing when they shouldn't. Well thats not really odd at all. I was in the same mission. Everything on the ground died at 1 minute 12 into the mission. The reason the track file is showing that behavior is that the mission started before AliPG spawned into the game.
  3. Requesting launch in this way doesn't work either when you spawn on the super carrier. The crew just stand there. Also tried unfolding / folding wings. Every time you have to taxi away and back again. Another part of this even if there are no other planes on deck it also spawns people on the CAT's when it really should not.
  4. I was able to restart the hornet by using a ground air supply. It was just the APU that didn't start after it ran out of fuel. I wrote this off as "the apu would need bleeding to function again" Once you have power and the engine running again the fuel indicators reflect a full tank again after filling it up.
  5. 1. Master arm on 2. A/G mode on 3. Select HARM 4. Select TOO Mode 5. Select Classes. Pick HOS (For hostile) 6. Move diamond to harm screen if its not already there 7. Select target to fire at 8. Cage. Should say "H-Off" and a single box. 9. Weapon release (not trigger) Added but not required parameters. 1. Have plane flying directly towards target 2. Be high up eg 24,000+ 3. Be as close as safe to do so (better chance of hit and less likely to have missile shot down) 4. Be going at a reasonable pace.
  6. An interesting thing I have noticed with some of the servers that people are running and complain about rubber banding is that there appears to be an issue with virtual servers vs bear metal. Of course the cost difference is quite large in running them so people pick the virual machines. I am currently convinced this causes massive lag spikes constantly. Somebody in my group upped a decent dedicated server and we have never seen it lag at all in the last 3-4 weeks. Unless of course the mission has been running for several days..... From what I can tell from personal experience of being a
  7. One of the problems with the SA page is that it used to update a few patches ago with SAM sites. they at least used to get removed when they were destroyed. But because some people with under powered PC's were having performance issues (like on 30+ sites and 50+ user multiplayers) with the SA page they decided to remove and change how things were rendered. So things like the SAM site isn't rendered now unless the center of it is inside the compass rose and it doesn't seem to update any more.
  8. Yup. You can see why I am trying to raise a discussion / can you fix this kinda topic for it. Cause it would be really good in a multiplayer mission to be able to drag a fuel tanker around it opens up loads of options for longer distance flying and staying airborn. What I think would be really cool would be able to push commands like "Tanker -a" and "JTAC" like we can in the mission editor. So we could say Fly WP1 -> 2 -> Become a Tanker -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 etc... and stays a tanker though WP 3, 4, 5 etc... If it is replacing the whole flight plan for the WP nav's like it is in
  9. Yup I see the same thing. I also see that when the carrier transitions from day to night it doesn't transition from case I to case III landings either.
  10. So one of the practical reasons to have combined arms would be to control a tanker. Unfortunately the moment a tanker is controlled in multiplayer is the same moment that the tanker removes its self from the comm's menu and stops tanking. Does anyone know of any work arounds for this problem so the tanker doesn't stop tanking?
  11. In multiplayer, it seems that when there is a transition from Day -> Night the carrier still thinks its suitable for doing Case I landings and doesn't use Case 3 comm's Another bugs is that from time to time something happens with the super carrier where the fuel state is given from another player with my comm's which is incorrect. Another bug here is that sometimes the carrier starts off doing Case I comm's then after the first couple of message it randomly switches to Case 3.
  12. Actually you can start the aircraft afterwards. When you run the hornet out of fuel you just can't use the APU you can however perform an air start from the ground crew instead. Then the fuel indicators will show the correct fuel (cosmetic bug here). Proc is something like 1. Air bleed -> Off 2. Connect Air Supply 3. Engine Crank R 4. Apply Air 5. Wait for start 6. Engine Crank L 7. Apply Air 8. Wait for Start 9. Disconnect Air 10. Bleed -> Both
  13. I have seen it fail for a number of people. Mostly because they required a deadzone on their joystick. If the joystick isn't exactly in the middle it will think there is an imput and streer accordingly.
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