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  1. So steering correction during the takeoff roll is done with the stick? That's SOP?
  2. You're probably right about the angle of the rudder deflection. But who knows what the FLCS does. Often in aeronautical control systems the control gain will be inversely scaled by dynamic pressure (i.e. indicated airspeed) so the same pedal position produces a proportionally smaller deflection, but produces an equivalent effect.
  3. I used the term EoM to also include their constant configuration parameters, part of which are the position and orientation of all the components such as pylons and stores. ED recently changed the visual spacing between the pylons and wings. So that means for the pylons (and in general), it's possible that: The visual model is not accurate to reality The visual model unintentionally doesn't match exactly what the dynamics model assumes due to error, oversight, or misunderstanding The visual model includes nuances that are approximated away in the dynamics model or vice versa So if they were hypothetically to track the motion of the nozzle plug to detect a collision, you wouldn't necessarily be able to rely on the visual model to predict the motion.
  4. There might not be any direct connection between the visual model and the equations of motion in the software.
  5. There will be a random dispersion of where the cap goes from one missile to the next, plus I would bet the motion of that cap is dominated by the local aerodynamic flow field coming off the adjacent stores and the wing, rather than just a straight line from the missile.
  6. Since more than one person reacted to your vehement statement with a "thank you" apparently it is not obvious that my comment was a joke. It was a play on EBKAC.
  7. Machalot

    Pickle won't fox

    Are there g-limits on missile release? If so, is it possible you are maneuvering to hard? I would imagine, for example, you can't launch from an underwing pylon under negative g, or with a roll rate toward the launching missile.
  8. Where is this list? I don't see any patch notes posted to the DCS website yet. Is there an external site, or did you receive a PM?
  9. Yeah, you're absolutely right. I'm just trying to laugh through the pain of this super long wait.
  10. Again, this is really an EBSAS, Error Between Stick and Seat. Any Viggen pilot who pulls the nose that high has something wrong with his software upstairs.
  11. The products of inertia can be nonzero even if the cg is on the centerline, which would not cause a roll bias in steady flight, but would cause a roll rate induced by angular acceleration in the pitch axis, called inertia coupling. There are also possible aerodynamic effects that don't show up in steady flight but appear during dynamic flight conditions such as pitch rate or AoA rate. Gyroscopic coupling effects also don't occur in steady flight, but appear during rotation about any axis perpendicular to the engine. So a pitch rate induces a yaw rate and vice versa. And yaw might couple into roll for the above reasons, as is generally true for conventional aircraft. This is not to say the model is correct, just to give possible explanations for unintuitive motion.
  12. I just discovered the same thing. I with HB would change this so people without a dual stage trigger can just push full action. I also noticed the contact doesn't seem to appear at the correct elevation on the DDD. When the cursor is at +10 deg, the contact shows up at about +20 deg. When you move the cursor up to +20, the contact disappears.
  13. I am stuck on this step of the RIO Cold Start Tutorial. Any ideas? Actually never mind, it was waiting for me to left click the ADI knob after adjusting it. My DATA/ADF switch remained in DATA mode, the middle setting and it allowed me to proceed.
  14. Agreed. It was six months ago that the Viggen was "the top priority". I know they are working hard on many things, but I would really love to know what's going on with the few and far between Viggen updates.
  15. Nice! Thanks for doing this. How much effort is it to also illuminate the radio group numbers?
  16. It seems like a CCRP-like area track or point track would be better for BDA. In CCIP mode the target won't be in the image more than a few seconds after weapon release.
  17. I appreciate the correction. In my defense, I only said "some kind of time average". My intuition was that it would not merely use the instantaneous signal power. The FFT uses data gathered across a finite time window, so I claim partial credit!
  18. Yes, that's the definition of raw instantaneous received power. Also the transmitting antenna aspect (main lobe vs side lobe vs null) and receiver antenna gain pattern/aspect. The fact that the radar in STT mode will center its main lobe on the target will probably increase the power received by the RWR. Radars and GPS receivers use a technique called coherent integration, which is a form of time averaging, to increase the effective signal to noise ratio so they can read the data. I don't have any direct knowledge how RWRs work, but I'm making an educated guess that they infer a higher threat level in part using some kind of time average, not just raw instantaneous signal power, to detect if transmitters are in STT mode. They may also use PRF and the pulse pattern. If you know more about them please correct me.
  19. Probably depends on how you look at radar power: transmitted power, spatial averaged power throughout the scan volume, or time averaged power at a point. The transmit power doesn't change in STT, but the received power changes, depending how you measure it. The individual pulse power will be the same at the receiver, but the time average of received power will be much higher (one or two orders of magnitude) because the target is continuously bathed in pulses rather than momentarily scanned at an interval of several seconds.
  20. The TGP is not locked to SP, it is slaved to the gun pipper. I'm not 100% sure but I think the nosewheel steering/ missile step (NWS/MSL STEP) button will cycle CCIP, CCRP, GUN.
  21. Someday there will be a DCS module for every aviation fetish!
  22. If you run out of Mavs, does the AG mode change to bombs with CCIP? In CCIP mode the TGP is slaved to the CCIP pipper.
  23. Where does it get stuck? On your last locked target, on your current steerpoint, in snowplow, or somewhere else?
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