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  1. I was gifted an X52 and it works fine. I need to remap it and set up a trim hat.
  2. So the A2A radar fix inspired me to buy the MiG and after ten years out of the cockpit I got back in. I have this ancient Thrustmaster Fox 2 Pro, right. So I roll with an instant action takeoff mission, and there I am at the end of the runway, flaps in takeoff position, ready to go. Release brakes, throttle up, v1...v2...rotate...splat. Hard left yaw/roll right into the ground. Tried again, same thing. Okay, must be too slow. Violate Soviet protocol and select afterburner. Rocket into the air, gear up, out of control, roll and yaw, right into the ground. Booted up again and wen
  3. That is good news. When it’s released I’m likely to try the module :)
  4. While I agree with that sentiment, there is no projected timeline for release of that upgrade. It could be next month...it could be next year, or several years.
  5. Yes, I’m aware of that. There is a version of DCS 1.5 still available for download. One wonders whether things work properly in it. Ramsay takes position that it does, and that’s certainly of interest. One then could maintain multiple copies of the client for different purposes. An imperfect workaround, but one does what one needs to do.
  6. Indeed, I’ve seen that, but there is no timeline for that. So, presently they’re nonfunctional across both 2.5 versions, I take it? Thanks for the info, I very much appreciate it. I’m certainly not purchasing while the radar functionality isn’t properly working but I will keep my eyes on the forums for new releases.
  7. It looks like the SPO-10 has been replaced. Is there any information on the system the Croatians are using? Fascinating to see original 21s still in service! Thank you for the video!
  8. Are the lights for the RP22 indicating launch, missile head ready, ECM, and Overheat working in the stable version of DCS World 2.5? If so, do they work in the legacy 1.5 version that’s available? I’ve seen posts indicating that those features have been nonfunctional for a considerable amount of time. I’m considering a purchase; I was interested in and reported on the module back when I was into sims and on staff at SimHQ, and if I re-enter digital aviation the MiG-21 is one of the certain purchases I’ll make...but not til the radar is indicating properly. I’m interested in the functionali
  9. I just heard of this. This is the first time I’ve been on ED’s boards since 2006; I was drawn by the news of the F-16’s release, and this is sad news to see on my first day back. I used to be on staff at Simulation Headquarters (SimHQ.com) and was one of the beta testers for Microprose’s “Falcon 4.0” in the 1990s. I was an early adopter of the Flanker series starting with the original 1.0 Commander’s Edition, and in the mid-200s at SimHQ I wrote a series of fictional stories set in a fictional Abkhazia, using the predecessor to DCS World as a basis, starring a Russian character named Alexa
  10. Ah...realism :) The things we sacrifice for it! Frankly, I still like the new radars better. I don't know why, but they seem more ...intuitive to me than the American radars do. Isn't that weird? Hey, looks like I made the 1.2 test group! That'll be an interesting experience! Miao, Cat
  11. 1.1 is a great product for mud-movers. In 2000, we'd have all paid fifty bucks plus for a stand-alone study sim featuring this level of detail that is now present in the Su-25 and Su-25T. A lot of people in the West don't know that it is not the MiG-29 or Su-27 that is the Red Air Force's favorite aircraft. If you ask a Russian pilot which is their best fighting airframe, he or she will tell you the Rook every time. I'm enjoying the full D/L and I think it's a good value for the money I paid for it. Miao, Cat
  12. All- Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I write the articles I write for folks like you all. Another Sacha will be in progress shortly. Also, she's going to show up in Bones's Operation Persian freedom Phase III story arc on our F/A-18 forum. Miao, Cat
  13. I'm taking notes on this stuff as you all bring it up. That's why it keeps improving over time. :) Miao, Cat
  14. You can get an awesome set of Su-27 1024x1024 skins from the Check Six gang. I use them for all the Su-27 shots in my previews of 1.1, and when they show up in my mission stories. The MiG-29 Ukrainian splinter camo I use for Sacha and Vasily was done by EricJ . It's based on the Russian blue splinter camo sometimes seen on the Su-30 demonstrators. Miao, Cat
  15. I wasn't offended, trust me :) You won't even BELIEVE where I got the whole vodka thing. I read this book by a guy writing under the pseudonym Viktor Suvorov called "The Liberators: My Life in the Red Army." He's allegedly this guy who defected back in the Cold War and he was an officer in 3rd Shock Army on the Group of Soviet Troops in Germany. The book dealt with his experience in the "Glasshouse", a military jail while he was a trainee, and with the Czechoslovakia invasion in 1968, and with the 50th anniversary of Soviet Power military displays in 1967. It's a fascinating read. The vodk
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