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  1. My pedals (same ones and just fine by me) just sit on a piece of carpet. They're kept in place and prevented from sliding forward by having a small wooden spacer between the baseboard and the back of the pedal housing. But I guess that setup could end up pushing your chair backwards, so you'd still need to strap your chair to the pedals.
  2. Would be interested to know if this stick works well for cameras too. I tried using a spacemouse (fantastic for "flying" and "orbiting" in GoogleEarth) for camera work but it didn't seem like it was possible to make it work with DCS.
  3. On problem #1 - could be tricky. submitted to "DCS World 2.5 >> Bugs and Problems >> Controller Profiles and Problems"
  4. I have have a new Stream Deck with a Hotkey mapped as a "Num/" button to zoom out the camera. Unfortunately that key isn't properly recognized by DCS. I'm currently running OpenBeta Meanwhile, the equivalent Stream Deck Hotkeys for "Num*" and "NumEnter" works just fine to zoom in and reset zoom. Under adjust controls the Stream Deck "Num/" Hotkey jumps straight to "Keyboard /", whereas the Stream Deck Hotkeys for "Num*" and "NumEnter" jump to their proper keyboard mappings. When I probe the keycodes with a javascript keyboard tool found at https://unixpapa.com/js/testkey.htm
  5. On problem #2 - Stream Deck support has indicated that their Hotkey action does not map a number of keys, including NumLock or Break or SysRq, etc. Support say they have submitted a feature request on my behalf.
  6. Yup. Like some kinda gimbal clunk. I'm suspecting the new A10C-II mod has issues, and would likely act the same with the nasty original as it does on this improved mini-stick.
  7. So 491 is the momentary button to toggle ATC on and off and now functions after I dumped " [491] = "%1d", -- THROTTLE ATC toggle {0,1}" into the FA-18C-hornet.lua under DCS-ExportScript. Still not sure where to find ATC state info, so at this point I just have a complicated replacement for a Stream Deck Hotkey.
  8. Problem #3 straightened out. Alt-F1 toggles between cockpit and HUD-only view, contrary to the description "HUD only view switch" that it has under control options. Problem is resolved by using Alt-F1 as the hotkey for both states. Text and icon displayed on the Stream Deck button can still be configured to alternate between cockpit and HUD-only views, and button display state remains synchronized with the views as long as the actual function keys are not used to change display state.
  9. Auto-throttle control (ATC) in the F/A-18C mod shows up as DCS ID: 491 in the DCS Interface "ID Lookup" widget (image attached) but it doesn't show up in the "DCS Comms" widget. That item also doesn't seem to readout as title text on a Momentary Button/Display (Text) control on the Stream Deck. Can someone describe what is broken here or what I am misunderstanding about this sdPlugin for DCS? All this lua stuff and DCS architecture is quite new to me but I did manage to find some reference to ATC and 491 listed in "Program Files/Eagle Dynamics/DCS World OpenBeta/Mods/aircraft/FA-18C/Cockpit
  10. I was sick of the inescapable compromise and conflicts that came from having TrackIR control keys mapped onto my throttle, so I picked up a Philips ACC2330 "4 button foot control". These are normally used by audio transcribers to pause/play/ff/rew, but it shows up as basic Windows "Footcontrol USB" without any device driver or software installation. It works great and has noticeably helped to improve my HOTAS mapping and to reduce the HMI overload I suffer with flying multiple sims and aircraft. Even better was that it slots perfectly between the left and footplates on my Saitek combat pro
  11. Thanks to DCS BIOS and associated stream deck plugins (thank you folks) I see amazing potential in this peripheral. My current UFC folder has made use of "pilot relief" very accessible and casual during routine flights on the F/A18. Moving onto some simpler things it gets strange though, and it seems like deficiencies in Stream Deck's software. I had planned to implement camera controls with the basic Stream Deck "hotkeys", as it seemed pretty simple, but it's turning out to be a little bizarre: For zoom I've got Numpad-Enter, Numpad-*, and Numpad-/ mapped in Stream Deck. DCS Adjust Contr
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