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  1. Erla haube's Glass armour in the K4 isn't visually obstructive at all compared to earlier whole steel armours. You can see your 6 o'clock "pretty good" in K4 as opposed to those. Pretty easy to live with it instead of die without it . P.S.: if that story is true, Galland would be dead. Period. BTW the glass armour in Erla haube was his idea, or so say the myth. S!
  2. It's probably way more demanding than DCS module. Just, you aren't there and can't feel the thing and respond to that automatically as pilots do. You rely on visual cues, you have to wait until you see them instead of feeling the thing, when you visually notice them it's already too late and that's what's harder than RL, not in this module but in all of them. But anyone can learn that, and that's how you see people in the sim flying flawlessly, if you can't, you just aren't there yet but you can be with practice. S!
  3. Sí tiene nombre, sí, pero tiene nombre lo de estos vídeos. Se llama inventar, se llama mentir, se llama "lee primero que todo es información pública que está ahí mismo, y luego ya opinas con información veráz en la mano en vez de inventarte todo difamando sin ton ni son que no tenemos cinco años". Y no, este señor que ahora aparece de la nada no es el primer pretendido youtuber en español haciendo este tipo de vídeos sin saber, ni leer, ni buscar ninguna información sobre las cosas de las que pretenden hablar, ojalá fuese el primero, pero no… Ni en eso aciertas . Y para ti lo mismo, la parte WWII fracaso porque tú digas . S!
  4. Pues lo mismo que en el otro, eh? mejor leer antes de """""reflexionar"""""… S!
  5. Amazing Walrus project!! keep it updated . S!
  6. But that's what is cool about it, you have to learn to use your aircraft properly, no matter how you set your controls. And it's the same in any other aircraft, procedures aren't there for nothing. S!
  7. As previously said, hard to tell without knowing what you're doing exactly, but technique is simple as you said: · low speed though not too much low, uncontrolled ship is not helping, · full flaps, · not too much loaded, · be aware of the weather setting, it should be easier in thick atmosphere (15º or lower, higher than 1013mb pressure). The last point is important, the most important perhaps since in a high density altitude you won't make it either in or out that kind of airfield no matter what. And also, even though it might seem counterintuitive, don't stick the plane on ground too quickly, it's better to have a nice long engineless flare than anything else, and usually those landings are way shorter than any with wheels on ground from the beginning. But that might be helpful only if you already have a good flaring technique for tail draggers (or any plane). S!
  8. Well, yeah, IRL you have all those controls just at your hand to use, though you're flying with left hand for a while . If you have a Warthog-like HOTAS you're plenty of buttons and switches to map them all, anyway. S!
  9. The I-16 is the harder warbird to master, IMO, very rewarding though, I really like it. Of course most of that will be taking off and landing, or even just taxiing, while airborne it's not that tough although that will be once you manage to rise the landing gear . It's a really nice little aircraft. Aside from that, I don't know if you have any experience in other modules, but all of them are good TBH, Spitfire is great, P-47 either, P-51, or Bf109 and Fw190s, all of them great aeroplanes and modules. S!
  10. Probaste a leer por ahí antes de """reflexionar"""?? S!
  11. Looking gorgeous mates!! Can't wait . S!
  12. The truth is, now I see, I misread "bridles" for "birdies" out of my dyslexia. Thought he meant the actual warbirds on the ocean's floor . S!
  13. Wonder no more. Aluminium literally starts disappearing submerged in salt water due to a chemical reaction in about 70-80 years. They won't find a thing . S!
  14. No, mods didn't cause the problem, those are just a few ground stuff but modules are unaltered. Will try that, it's been a week and I couldn't even fly again . BTW I'm trying to play the track and it's not very helpful, it's desynchronized from quite early and before I tried to fast forward. I was flying close formation with more people but we appear far away from each one. In the end (fast forward quite quick) i was going to land at sea instead of the airbase. S!
  15. As I told I don't know how to cut it, but please be my guest for a whole flight hour to the landing. I'm eagerly awaiting that flight analysis for any flight tips, not just landing , https://we.tl/t-MZNPKeZUBt Now I think I hope it works, we use some minor mods sometimes in missions, but I didn't created this one and I don't know if there's any. S!
  16. You know how it is, whenever you see a vid you move your head like it were live . S!
  17. Well mates, do you all realize this is not what I was talking about, right? I'm not complaining the MiG-21 is hard to land, I know it is since 2014 and I like it that way, I know how to land, I know how to flare just inches above the ground, I know what a dynamic brake is, I know how to stop it in half the runway or less, etc, etc. All of that is not the problem or what I meant… But I guess it's harder to explain than it looks like. I still think it might be either from the module, or the map perhaps. I was just sharing something really weird that happened once (TBH I've had no time to fly much more since that happened last week), and not only me but my squadmates either, had it been only once and only me, "bug" or not, I would have thought it was just a bad landing from me, period. I explained my experience wondering if anybody experienced the same and so I might know in the end what that behaviour could be, perhaps a punctual bug, or a map/airport bug. I didn't mean to start some kind of bashing on a module I really like, I from whom I already know quirks and problems, or a fight on how you're supposed to land the beast. I know that, I don't care that much right now about funny landing techniques we all have seen on YT, or whatever. It's just, has somebody experienced that behaviour (not bad landings, I know when it's a bad landing of my own), but maybe at some concrete airport/map and not others or is it a change in the module (which apparently isn't)? Only that. Thanks. S!
  18. Está todo inventao, no semos naide . S!
  19. Cuando te saques el grip del Warthog del bolsillo del abrigo en la ferretería para comprobar la rosca hablamos . S!
  20. Well, then I guess it's not impossible it's something on the map, and/or the airbase, with this module and not just a MiG-21 thing as I also said. That's the question, I don't . I'll try some more tests anywhere else either since I was sticking right now to the place and mission we are currently using. S!
  21. And that's why I explained the whole situation, not just the possible "bug"? or whatever it is. With the technique I explained I don't settle the aircraft on the ground, it does on its own once the flaring speed is just the right one at it "falls" slowly and gently (the gently a delta winged MiG-21 can) to the ground. Besides, how on Earth is an aircraft bouncing back to the air with no speed at all?? Indeed, how on Earth is an aircraft bouncing back to the air at or below stall speed?? Once settled on the ground I always keep my (25cm long) stick back and, on the contrary to RL images seen on YT, it never holds the nose up after touch down, that tells me there's no speed to fly at all (and that the module wasn't correct in that regard either, but that's another story). I know what a bounce is, bounces always happens on excess of speed, and I hadn't any excess in speed, that's why you flare in the first place. So, something has changed, but I'm not sure it's correct. S!
  22. As I said, I also thought it was a bad landing from my part at first, but since the rest of the flight had it too, and we are flying MiG-21 every week since several months ago, I can confidently say it's a change from last week to this one. S!
  23. Then, it might be the opposite if you didn't pay attention to rpm, probably overboosted the engine hence the failure. Look at it this way, the rpm you set is a ceiling you shouldn't cross. It's not like if you do for some seconds and only a bit the engine will blow up instantly or something like that, but if you do it for a long time and/or too much boost then the engine wears out and stops. If you weren't managing your rpm but used the throttle carelessly then it might well be what happened there. S!
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