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  1. I don't know what data is available for Reisen, but since P-47 was a problem either and they could figure it out, I guess ED can do the very same now with almost every other hard to find aircraft data. Lets hope. S!
  2. Yeah, I see what you mean. Anyway, that's a really hard problem to fix, I mean, how can we compare what the settings and everything is in those two guys seeing different things? Is it hardware related? Drivers perhaps? Do you both use the same resolution in a screen the same size and features and are those two in similar home environments, lighting and everything? Are your settings exactly the same with regard to image, I mean screen menu itself for instance but windows also, colour, contrast, brightness, Gamma? Are your screen colours calibrated at all? That's really hard to compare in the first place. I've had the chance to be at some friends' homes to see by myself what they "see" in DCS, or any other thing, and I've seen so many people with really weird screen settings they weren't even aware of, I don't know how that could be compared at all. ED can't be at everyone's home to set our screens and all for us, and that makes a huge difference. S!
  3. Yeah, I get your point and what you mean. But I believe they're quite different aspects going on there, the LODs of course making contacts appear and disappear whenever you zoom in-out, right, but also changing lighting making contacts the same colour as background so you can't effectively see them, even though they are there. It can be annoying some times, but in real life it happens exactly the same, and due to lighting either, so that's quite real indeed no matter how annoying that is and you don't have an option to change colours, your screen contrast or whatever other settings IRL, right? Contacts in DCS has been a thing since I can remember due to a different thing, they were 1:1 scale contacts even though your screen size and resolution weren't. I believe now they are quite more visible than before, just lighting effects make their play like IRL, and I like that despite it can be annoying, it's quite real. Zoom in-out lod issues, well you don't have zoom in-out IRL so I don't know what a workaround to that could be. Anyhow, expecting to easily see contacts at 20Km if not under certain circumstantial conditions is just a dream, most people IRL can't see a thing, they don't, it's not that easy nor people's sight is that good. It isn't. It's like asking ED to fix the eyes you don't have IRL for an eagle's eye just because you think yourself a top notch ace with beyond perfect eyesight 99% of the people just isn't. It's annoying but not more that it is IRL when you can't see a thing due to day conditions. S!
  4. G-6, no sub-variants/years said. That won't be clear until they start to research for documents and everything to know what they can and can't do, I guess. S!
  5. G6 was listed in the coming WWII modules so we'll see it eventually, and G models obviously featured gun pods. I foresee though you all won't like them once being able to carry , S!
  6. Already said to be on the to do list by Nick Grey in person and admins here. S!
  7. And that's why both of them are coming together with A8, as ED already said. S!
  8. Yeah, well, you can call it DCS fanboy talking community, you can call it I've been there trying to seek a small white GA aircraft in front of me in the traffic pattern, perhaps 2-3Km away, with me being at 125%+ eyesight and not being able to see it until after quite a time checking and when you see it's a barely traceable minuscule dot in the horizon. Your choice . S!
  9. Nope, it never was like that since 2012 release. Fw190 unlock tail wheel with neutral stick, not P-51. S!
  10. Have you tried to spot a thing at 20Km by yourself in real life? S!
  11. You have a gorgeous T-45 mod available for free by the way. S!
  12. Yep, they have already said assets will be for free trial either, but just not yet. S!
  13. I don't like cutting down saturation as well because sometimes you would need the whole controls (not many times though), so I stick to the curves and they get the job done more than good enough. But I see lots of people these days complaining about this or that aircraft being too sensitive to controls, and curves is the way to go, they aren't cheating or something like that, they are there so you can try to mimic to some extent real controls response impossible to reach with your stock short joystick. So… On your second subject, both are good aircraft, both are tricky aircraft on their own way, great modules depicting the real thing quite close. Depending on your previous experience, Spitfire is probably a better learning platform, less traumatic we could say, but both of them are relatively similar in their trickiness, but for different reasons and in different subjects. Buy them both, learn them, and when Corsair is out you'll have the background to compare, and the experience on tricky tail draggers to master it right away. IIRC Corsair is 2000HP that the 109 only dream of, but bigger aircraft of course, it would be something on the like of P-47vs109 but more agile. S!
  14. So, you're crying for curves mate… so many people belittle curves in their joysticks for a reason, but I can tell you Spitfire is a quite stable and pleasant aircraft to fly indeed… on my 25cm long Warthog extension and still with curves, so think what you would need on a short stick to mimic the real controls of the beast. Watch this by Philstyle about that exact subject if you want more information about it and a hint on what you have to do with your controls, THOUGH, this is a Corsair topic, and I don't know what the controls will be in the Corsair. Anyway this method is still valid for any warbird or modern jets as well. S!
  15. It's kind of a estrange place, on the one side hand Bassel Al-Asad international airport, on the other Khmeimin airbase, two faces of the same reality. Jeppesen still has a few not very complete charts of the place, though I believe not updated since many years despite boasting 2019 date. Hard to find any information of the place aside from a few bits, but makes sense since it's a Russian newly created permanent airbase. From those few bits I believe they are two "places", one international airport, and the airbase since many airports/airbases sharing installations work like that, separated installation for civil and military, though I believe different names for the same place was news to me when I found out. Well, not perfect but since that's a weird place IRL we're lucky to have it in any way they could implement it. Quite nice flying from/to there. S!
  16. Aerodynamics probably do their part. S!
  17. Esas asignaciones por defecto se refieren al teclado en inglés, claro, pero cuando cambias la distribución de teclado por otra en realidad la tecla se podrá llamar diferente, pero es la misma. Por ejemplo, que recuerde de memoria, en el teclado inglés el menú de comms es la tecla \, justo al lado de enter, y en el español es ç, la misma tecla al lado de enter. Pues con esas lo mismo, pero me parece que estás mirando las teclas en español en vez de las originales en la distribución inglesa. Por otro lado, son opciones personales pero sinceramente en demasiadas ocasiones el TARGET es más un dolor de muelas que otra cosa, teniendo que acordarte además de activar el perfil cada vez. Si mapeas directamente en el sim cada módulo acaba siendo mucho más práctico aunque también tenga sus limitaciones, y te aseguro que en general no te faltan botones/interruptores para mapear teniendo un Warthog a no ser que quieras mapear absolutamente todo el avión, que tampoco tiene sentido. S!
  18. For the History shall remain that Bill Gates ctrl+alt+supr for three times, thrice, while presenting their brand new superfashion latest OS now (then) with a 10% fewer BSDs . S!
  19. While your general idea is quite true, that one on the other hand breaks your whole point… What a piece of crap W98 was. Anyway, Microsoft already thought for you what version you could use, W10 support ends in 2025 and I'm not sure there'll already be a W12 by then. S!
  20. Just amaze with the beauty of the place, use your supercarrier and naval assets all the way, and think of the possibilities that opens up with that new iteration of EDGE, so just wonder what will come later on. Easy, uh? It's not that tough to be thankful for a free map with this quality. S!
  21. Did I say that?? But a bunch of holes by themself aren't enough to bring an aeroplane down. It's not a hole that brings down and aircraft, it's where and how the hole is. S!
  22. I believe Normandy is still mostly the map to go in WWII, most online servers use it. It's good enough, not the best and has some small issues, but good for me despite depicting an flat area with very few detail (IRL I mean) so the map isn't specially eye catching, but enough for WWII ops and appropriate to fly. If you plan to fly WWII it's a must, at 50% discount it's worth it. The Channel is way better, with regard to detail and so, more modern since it uses a newer technology, equivalent to Syria map detail wise. But it was so bashed at first launch perhaps you don't listen much of it right now, though I believe some servers do use it. It's not one or the other unless you must choose, they're quite different with regard to orography and so, and complementary from my point of view. S!
  23. I guess planes in real life are mostly hollow structures and a few holes in the skin aren't that much of a trouble, until something important gets hit. We do know structural damage and degradation is modelled since a hit wing, for instance, can detach any moment if you stress it. Perhaps what's wrong is kind of seeking movie like effects in a sim which tryes to keep it real. S!
  24. Well, in the end that's the background reason, of course. Yep, that's a whole different story. But also one done very differently IRL and sims, for that same reason (failures). In take offs you want all the power you have (more or less, there's more to bear in mind, in airliners for instance), but what you most look for is Vx, the highest climb speed so if you have an engine failure you're as high as you can when it happens, and also you climb steeper so obstacles are saved sooner. In the sim we rarely look for that, not even sure most people know that concept of highest climb rate versus fastest climb rate (Vy used later). S!
  25. Well, we can philosophize but apparently it has all the elements that use to be called postmodernity… S!
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