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  1. No one. A desktop PC is more than advisable. Just look at the proposed settings and, what do you see? More precisely, what you do not see? That is what you would need to use DCS or any other highly demanding game and you won't get it in any laptop no matter the names they put on it.


    Sorry for the unintentionally cryptic talking, you need a graphics card, the highest one you can get, not an easy task these days, and even the highest laptops saying they boast a 3080 graphics card just lie, those aren't even close to desktop counterparts, you pay for them as they were real equivalents though. Any high end laptop would do it if, but only if, you really need a laptop no matter what because you move it around, you work with it off home, whatever. If that's not the case, don't buy any allegedly gaming laptop just to sit on top of your desk. For lesser games that might work at least, but DCS really asks for real graphic power right now and for the time being.


    If the latter is to be, you really need it to be mobile, both would work, just neither mentions a graphics card and that's not good.



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  2. Esa Wiki era un trabajo comunitario externo a ED, si la gente que la hacía se cansó de hacerla/pagar hostings poco se puede hacer más que darles las gracias por el tiempo y el esfuerzo que le dedicaron en su día.

    A pesar de tu equivocada impresión, y a pesar de que el inglés es la lengua franca de la aeronáutica internacional occidental y eso no se puede cambiar, hay muchísimas cosas en español, solo hay que buscar. Youtube está lleno de tutoriales de toda clase, y sinceramente me parece hasta insultante que digas que eso no existe porque muchos de esos que crean contenido en español con su tiempo y esfuerzo, gratis para toda la comunidad, son compañeros y amigos míos y te aseguro que existen y pierden su tiempo para que gente como tú que no se molesta en aprender inglés tengan contenido con el que aprender en español. Así que por favor, menos lobos y más buscar en google porque hay absolutamente DE TODO y en abierto.



  3. El soporte de ED funciona perfectamente, no sé si lo has usado alguna vez, pero contestan siempre en el mismo día o al siguiente a pesar de la diferencia horaria. Si no te manejas en inglés el problema es del usuario, no de ellos.



  4. Parking spots might be a different thing, I don't say they can't be bugged with regards to aircraft sizes and all, but you here were asking and complaining about the base itself and its current configuration, remember. It's not gonna happen anytime soon they can get updated data about the current operational status of that specific base. We're lucky they modelled it in the first place without cops outside their door.



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  5. On 10/31/2021 at 1:14 PM, Zeagle said:

    I don't know…

    Yep, you should have stopped writing precisely there. It's hard for everyone since, as commented in this very same topic you didn't read beforehand, the base is in constant change since it's a Russian federation permanent base now. No factual data whatsoever more than a few hints here and there. No, it's not only one runway, the 17R is being made longer and wider for larger aircraft, but last (and outdated) info from international airport right there, which apparently nobody knows if is still running, says actual operational runway is 17R. It's hard for everybody to find info about that dark spot in Syria, so more than understandable Ugra can't have it either. It would be pointless to "update" the base to a current status nobody knows, and the works on runway 17R aren't probably finished yet. The base is fine as it is now, last known info about it and that's all.



  6. On 10/24/2021 at 1:28 PM, Krupi said:

    On top of this you have multiple Sea Furys.

    AFAIK all of them running on R2800 engines, though I believe there's a project somewhere to rebuilt a Centaurus engine for one of them.


    I would love to see them in DCS, Typhoon, Tempest, Sea Fury, and everything, but I'm not sure if that's even feasible for some of them.

  7. I cannot find the "other music" thread, so here it is anyway. This is the piece of music which, arranged, is background to the latest Halloween sales video. Nice pic BTW,



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  8. Nobody knows yet out of ED how it'll work, but the reasonable thing, and if I remember something of what was talked in the past, would be low quality everywhere off the maps we have, similar to low quality textures we already find off the detailed areas, but farther away to the "infinite", plus coast lines, so no need for 2 petabyte of World textures and meshes though a World mesh would be nice to have in order to make those areas usable even in low quality.

    But it's just conjecture until we know more.


  9. Yeah but one can dream of… "Next" islands to those are actually Iwojima ones, not that far away than those new islands… We do know there's a WWII version of this coming, and even though Bignewy say it was known (yes, it was but not that much "confirmed" as current WIP, or kind of) but whole Globe map news and all of a sudden…  🤤🤤🤤


    Yeah, I know, day dreaming 😁.


  10. 2 hours ago, Raven (Elysian Angel) said:

    In another thread about this topic some time ago, the author of the article stated that we can soon buy a digital copy of the magazine (just the one), without having any recurrent costs.

    Cool!! Was looking for that option but found any.



  11. On 10/8/2021 at 7:12 AM, Lykurgus said:

    They must have put the merlin back into it because on their website they even say that it has the merlin 500 in it. Also videos like this of it from a year ago clearly show the merlin. I guess they must have pulled the dB that was put into it in another plane or maybe they were unable to fix it if something happened to it.

    So they changed it back to Merlin, again? 🙁 That's a pity, even though that's what it was for all its life I guess.

    BTW, all those of you thinking Buchón is ugly are dismissed from taking a ride in my two seater Buchón when I win lottery 🤣🤣🤣. I guess I'm fond of them seeing them since my childhood, plus I lived the next number in the same street it was built in for 10 years 😜. The factory is a gym now, I used to go swimming there. No Buchón remains though aside from a few pics at gym's bar 🤦‍♂️. Aeronautical culture isn't that much a thing here.



  12. On 10/6/2021 at 12:13 PM, DB 605 said:

    It was powered by Daimler-Benz at that video. Later it's changed to Merlin (cheaper to maintain etc), they still have DB for it, ready to use If want. If i remember correctly that video is from one of very first testflights so they take it extra careful with low powersettings etc.

    I believe it's the other way around. It's a Hispano Ha1112, Spanish licensed built Merlin engined Bf109G-2 (factory name Me-109J). Eventually, not long ago, they made the conversion to G12 by changing it to DB. I guess they didn't throw away the engine and everything, of course, but a change back wouldn't be so easy. If you see pics of the thing with Merlin it was just the previous configuration, older pictures, not the current one.



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