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  1. Don't know how to get it there but here in Spain also exist virtual CC sold at mail services that you can recharge and use like any VISA but have no account linked so no possible problem, and also you don't have to make any bank transfer but recharge with cash with exact price if you want. It's an option for people who don't like internet operations with your own CC.


    Anyway Paypal is absolutely safe, don't worry about it.



  2. So what would happen if someone followed the training mission procedure in a real Mustang? Would it blow up or something?


    I guess the worst thing you could find is engine not running :D.


    I don't follow training mission also, or manual, I follow same steps as light aircraft usually start and nothing happens.



  3. Now just assume you were in 1950s and war was just over. USAAF pilots still need fly their mustang but no FW-190 to fight with.

    I'm nor a WWII only fanatic, you can bet I'll pay NOW for a DCA level Korea scenery where we could use the 51, be sure :smilewink:. But sadly it won't probably happen soon.



  4. ...................

    Mate, I agree with you completely, and I know the problems of Il-2 and it's far from perfect, I know, really. I'm not an Oleg fanboy (I blame him so many times.. :lol:). I only say it's still playable and behind the problems is a not bad thing although it could get much better throughout time and Oleg never worried about it, and now we get the CloD rubbish. Of course DCS is GREAT, I'm here isn't it? and I said from first time I ride P-51 is the very first time I feel like the (limited of course) real world I know, YES, but sadly only with P-51 we do very few things even while I still enjoy only taking a ride and with some touch&goes, don't you think? I wish something like Il-2 in content like DCS, but we haven't!! So your point although right is very narrow and you'll have to wait A LOT until we can do further things in a DCS level WWII and I wish to be mistaken. That's all :smilewink:.



  5. Maybe you just turn off the complex engine management in CloD
    Nope, just read my comment...


    ...CloD simply has no engine management but a stupid thing where your engine get broken without a handbook where engine operation or limits are stated, nothing.
    Of course I've ""advanced"" engine management activated. CloD is not real, they simply put engines that breaks easily but with no hanbook saying what you have to do (like real aircraft and good sims, P-51 handbook is exactly like real P-51 handbook for example). So, you beak it and they can say, "it's a very real and difficult sim, see? you broke the engine". But how is supposed I should keep it OK without handbook or at least a readme?? :shocking: Truth is they faked everything and try to show us "a very difficult and real sim", but it´s not, it's only a failure... :lol: And physics to me are real bad, worst than original Il-2, they introduced a lot of "animations" than moves the aircraft trying to show a real physics engine is behind it, but it's not they are only animations. Taxi one is particularly annoying, moving aircraft one side to other without care about what kind of terrain you're over. Ah, and I've also operate many times in RL on grass and earth strips, so don't say that's because grass fileds :smilewink:.



    P-51D's engine is a little bit different from that of Cessna 182. You needn't care about the EGT for the auto mixture.
    I fly a three bladed prop C172RG, no auto mixture :smilewink:. Even she've less auto things than P-51, I've to take care of everything myself, it's stressing... :lol: That's why I like her and P-51... :thumbup:



  6. ...Cliff of Dover has some good engine modelling--it's better than DCS IMO...
    Well, as said Echo38 opinion seems to me too extreme, IL-2 is a nice sim and still playable to me, but Il-2 has its failures and particularly CloD is an absolute failure. It's not true CloD has better engine management than P-51, CloD simply has no engine management but a stupid thing where your engine get broken without a handbook where engine operation or limits are stated, nothing. P-51 engine management is exactly like it is in the real thing. I haven't flown a real P-51, but I did an advanced Cessna with constant speed prop and similar engine management, and it's the very same. Simple Tiger Moth in CloD is just crap, so impossible compare CloD to DCS.



  7. But that's not a looking for realism, that's fanaticism mate :). DCS is great, but it's still a flight sim and from your view you can look for wrong things and inaccuracies and you'll find them. You talk about "bad stalls" like you were flown one of those era fighters but you didn't, like any of us. You talk like you'll fly a real aircraft and if it doesn't perform the stall you want you would say "it's not realistic" :D. The gentle Cessna stalls are a realistic one for you? :) Of course we know Il-2 have many fails and I wouldn't be its more courageous defender, you can bet it, but I've perform aerobatics with it many years with Neil Williams "Aerobatics" in my hand and mate, bad or good it worked in many aspects which I've to recognize the same I recognize its fails in a 12 years old sim.




    P.D.: and yes, for too many years we had anything else.

  8. You're quite right mate :). Now I've take some chances on combat flying with P-51, but at first I also enjoyed P-51 only for a walk, like MSFS. Just the pleasure to see all that systems working like it's meant to be, start using the procedure like I do often (it's like a big Cessna one!!) and just fly... may be a bit a navigation, or some touch&goes... and that's all, it's just the pleasure of flying... :):) May be lot of people don't understand that, but it's the same I do in a Cessna (but without paying for it... :lol:) I'm also "very old" to flight simming and this is the very first time I feel that in a simulator, so mate, I don't mind the limited map or not having another WWII era counterpart.




    P.D. 1: I fully understand what you say from every simulator you comment, so don't take the chance with CloD... I recently bought it in a 3$ offer... it's the worst spent 3$ in my life, it's rubbish, they screwed things completely with FM.



    In RL I fly gliders at more than 25 yrs, and I do not own any engined aircraft pilot license (not even SLG or SSG because here in Portugal it requires having ULM in your license too)
    Where do you fly? I'm relatively close to Portugal in Spain and I fly around here.
  9. Not if you demand a high-fidelity simulation. IL-2 may have been a super-fun game, but it is 100% unacceptable as a simulation. With such low realism, I wouldn't play IL-2 if it were the last flying game on the planet.

    You say that because you should be very, very young or absolutely new to flight sims. My first "Flight Simulator" was Digital Integration Fighter Pilot in an AMSTRAD CPC464 with green screen, and since that I'm looking for a bit more (until I got my licence, yes, but even now...). Il-2 was great and the best simulator 12 years ago when it comes out. Yes, it's outdated and Oleg didn't go further with realism but in very limited details if any, but if you where one of those FS geeks looking for realism in a 8bits PC since 25 years ago you wouldn't talk like that. I look for absolute realism and I like it the most, be sure, but Il-2 is still playable :smilewink:. (but CloD is cr@%...)




    P.D.: Just for the record in case you don't know it, that's it...





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  10. Lamentablemente no te puedo contestar a ninguna de tus dos preguntas Mirmidón, en cualquier caso en mi anterior post estaba en modo irónico.

    Sólo te digo una cosa, y puedes leer entre líneas, no pierdas la esperanza ;)

    Gracias a ti por darnos esas esperanzas :thumbup:. La verdad es que es una pena que no sea a nivel DCS, pero esas capturas del Cy-27 tienen una pintaca brutal.



  11. Well, manual says it can't be maintained, not it can't be done :). I also hadn't flown a real P-51 but in some common general aviation aircraft you also can't maintain a sideslip for a long time. When it can't be maintained I usually make sideslips changing one side to other (RL I mean), so you can keep runway track when she wants to go out of track because lack of controls. Have you try in DCS not if you can do it, but if you can maintain it for a long way or may be you have to change on side to other?



  12. I got, don't remember exactly, 38-40k Yeager style as you said :), it was in Viazma cold start mission (not every "day", temperature, pressure, you can reach what you want). No track. Hard but you can reach easily with time. At that height maneuvering is difficult, you have to move stick carefully and she's like very overweighted. I did to probe supercharger stage change, and then go ahead higher. When in top I dived hard to probe high speed controls and Vne, but although I wasn't in a 90º dive (may be 45-60º) really I was unable to overspeed her. Then landed with no further notice. (it happened in a 1.2.1 game).



  13. Por fin salió. Viendo las capturas y aunque no esté al nivel del resto de DCS la verdad es que dan ganas de pillar ese FC3, además sólo por tenerlo todo junto en World en vez de cuatro instalaciones ya merece, pero la verdad es que duele pagar de nuevo un contenido que ya tengo 3 veces... :music_whistling: Al final acabaré cayendo...



  14. Just a question, what atmospheric settings are you using for testing? You're talking about MP values not matching test but, are you using same atmospheric pressure and day temperature as test? If not MP can change from day to day with different pressure and temperature. And of course, altitudes will change with different pressure altitude. You have to compare Density Altitude not gauge altitude.



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