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  1. Cannot read the whole article without subscribing, any hints on what is said? S!
  2. They were the ultimate Bf109, so . S!
  3. So they changed it back to Merlin, again? That's a pity, even though that's what it was for all its life I guess. BTW, all those of you thinking Buchón is ugly are dismissed from taking a ride in my two seater Buchón when I win lottery . I guess I'm fond of them seeing them since my childhood, plus I lived the next number in the same street it was built in for 10 years . The factory is a gym now, I used to go swimming there. No Buchón remains though aside from a few pics at gym's bar . Aeronautical culture isn't that much a thing here. S!
  4. I believe it's the other way around. It's a Hispano Ha1112, Spanish licensed built Merlin engined Bf109G-2 (factory name Me-109J). Eventually, not long ago, they made the conversion to G12 by changing it to DB. I guess they didn't throw away the engine and everything, of course, but a change back wouldn't be so easy. If you see pics of the thing with Merlin it was just the previous configuration, older pictures, not the current one. S!
  5. Yeah mates, whatever. I suppose all my taildragger pilot friends are alive just by chance, and myself I guess since every tail dragger I've flown in was landed like that as the book says. But you know better . S!
  6. Yep, that's actually how you make a wheeler, so fix that in you mind. Have a go with some other warbird if you have any, or TF at least, you'll see. S!
  7. Agree there may be other ways, but you know "no more questions" is illusory knowing the community. S!
  8. You answered the question yourself. Why they no longer say a thing about future projects but until it's already to be released few days later? People expectations are too high for whatever reason it is, people get too nervous about next projects/release dates, people want things right now or the day before, but software development to the highest level as DCS is takes time, a lot of time. It's not Tetris they are coding, hence so many times it takes many more time that anybody can foresee and people expect miracles in the form of ridiculously short development times. Better not to say a thing and it's fixed, that way when they release anything new be it modules, features, whatever people get hyped in the right time but not before, specially too much before. S!
  9. It was said like 2 years ago (before World Pandemic, I guess) that migration to Vulkan was complete internally and they were "just" porting every single shader (thousands) one by one to the new engine. I guess that takes more time than it looks like at first. S!
  10. Great landings there Phil . It took me a bit of practice either the time I tried myself to learn time ago. After I got it I liked to keep stick forward so tail up all the time possible since that makes the landing run even shorter, but it takes even more practice and sometimes the aircraft gets temperamental doing that for too long . Definitely possible, no bounces at all, as IRL you bounce because too high speed, both forward airspeed and vertical speed. Once you get the right spot it's easy peasy, until that you manage to invoke all demons in hell for a while. S!
  11. As somebody already mentioned, I believe you're being tricked by the lack of feeling being in front of a screen, VR in the best case scenario. Don't know what your experience in simulation is, but I've sat a friend of mine, AG pilot very used to high power taildraggers, in my PC and he couldn't fly the thing either, it's too much of a difference from a RL pilot's POV seeking for the seat of his pants feeling to counter with the controls, but there are no feeling at all here, it's all subtle visual references when not plain faith just because you know things happens whether you see them or not. S!
  12. Yep, they were deployed to Baltic air police mission, still ongoing now, before their final withdrawal. That wasn't that long ago. S!
  13. Well, apparently he attributed himself with many achievements he didn't make but the book looks very shiny and appealing that way and it makes him look like a great ace which is something France didn't have in WWII for obvious reasons. S!
  14. And the ones we have in the Mosquito can't be jumpy either because…? S!
  15. Yes, still a non permanent three way switch for that would be pretty much accurate and appropriate than toggles. And besides, OP tittle says Landing gear lever . S!
  16. Known bug, wings bombs doesn't drop if you spawned on ground. Airstart is fine though. S!
  17. I also thought at first that kind of bindings would have been nice to have. Then I read the manual, all those three levers are suppose to come back to centre automatically after use. First time you use them you come to think they are somewhat alike MiG levers where you have to pull them back to centre, but they aren't exactly. If they don't come back to centre on their own is only because we're using three way toggle switches making up and down positions fixed since they are permanently pushing the button/lever up or down. S!
  18. All the warbirds we have are declared to be non all weather. Do you wonder why? S!
  19. I guess it depends on everyone own experience, I find the P-51 the easiest despite Komandogerat feature, it's not just management, it's also the ease to master with regard to flying the thing. Anyway my impression might be biased by the fact that P-51 is like a big Cessna engine management wise. Still the easier to learn and the best ground since you can apply everything you learn with it to any other plane. Germans on the other hand aren't that alike, there are important changes between Bf109 and Fw190 with regard to management. My feeling is from a pedagogical perspective you can learn P-51 and then go Spit and you're at home, then P-47 and it's only a step forward but still similar, then go German and you perfectly know and appreciate what they "simplified" with Komandogerat and everything so you will be able to fly them right away with just a couple tips for 190 or 109. The other way around on the other hand means you can learn to fly a 190, it's not exactly the same as 109 so you'll have to get used to it, but then if you go allied you'll have to learn again how an actual aircraft is flown, and I mean to these days since they are exactly the same management wise as today standards, so in my experience it's not as optimal as a learning curve. S!
  20. The weathering matter is an endless subject in model kit groups, and I can tell you even "factory fresh" aircraft get weathered even before they are sent to front line units, pretty easily seen in many pictures. The cockpit isn't different, once you use it it gets weathered, front line service means usually several sorties a day and they got worn pretty soon. Old paints and finishes seemed to hold almost nothing compared to modern day ones. Pristine museum examples aren't "the thing" exactly. S!
  21. Don't worry, we all have been there at some point . S!
  22. No problem at all, here or anywhere. 25cm extension on my Warthog, works flawlessly . S!
  23. That settles the argument, I guess . Thanks for posting. Would my RL experience count at all since it's not in a Mossie or anything alike? Does it count I've seen instruments do that in many other planes, IRL but also warbirds vids? You would have to just believe me. And, my point anyway was, stop worrying about little unimportant things and enjoy the beast. Anyway, I'll tell you an argument . The easy thing to do would be making those needles point a perfectly defined value and that's all. To make them dance in a precise range matching the exact behaviour of the engine at any given time, take a closer look, both engines aren't synchronized at all, and "dancing band" ( I just made the name up, right) doesn't match either, and not just making them move the same bit always and just that… That my friend is a hell of a lot coding. Why would they bother in the first place to depict such a thing if it weren't real? Remember, on top, Mr nick Grey, their boss, has flown the type and knows the behaviour, what would it look like to him with something so blatantly wrong if it weren't real? You're welcome . S!
  24. Just don't take "other sims" as a measure for anything . Yes, RL engines, props and governors do change and needles in instruments do dance up and down, that's how it works, sometimes it's due to engine, governor, props, themselves, sometimes it's just how the instruments work (remember, 80yo instruments, they weren't perfect), who cares, it happens as seeing it depicted like that is cool as hell. S!
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