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  1. Hi, I just downloaded smoothtrack for my phone and I must say it is very impressive. My only complaint is there is quite a bit of lag, is there any way to reduce the input lag? Also, are there game specific profiles that I can load for DCS into the open track software? It all more or less works but some of the axis are a bit weird feeling, and I thought if there was a specific profile for DCS it may save me having to tweak it for ages. Thanks
  2. Hi, I just got a 3090 and now my 5 year old i7 6700k PC can run DCS with literally every setting on max at 3500x1440 or whatever that res is. Almost! The frame rate is very good but does occasionally dip down slightly below what I would like. I was just wondering which settings I can turn down that I won't notice? Just need a few extra fps. BTW DCS plus 3090 =OMG! Most impressive thing I've ever seen in my life! Thanks for your advice
  3. Hi guys, Great forum! I'm relatively new to DCS but absolutely love helicopters, and without a doubt DCS is the best helicopter simulator Ive ever played. It's a bonus that it's a combat Sim too! Anyway I have been having the greatest gaming experience of my life flying the huey. I just have one issue. Whenever I fly the huey for an extended amount of time, like more than 15 mins, even if just cruising along, I always get an engine fire and the thing crashes. The report says something like Main Generator Fail, Starter Generator Fail. I was just wondering what the cause of this is, and
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