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  1. I'd like to hear more about WinWings plans for the additional throttle handles. Will they be sold as an add-on kit? will they work on both the Orion and Super Taurus? I'm currently running a HOTAS Warthog and have a HOTAS Cougar throttle converted to USB but the Cougar used to be very unreliable and I'm resigned to it failing at some point. Virpil have a nice line up but the draw for me with WinWing is the replica throttle layout. I'm using a Sim Labs P1-X cockpit so have the ability to easily mount either the Super Taurus with some additional brackets or just mount the Orion on the plate I currently have the Warthog throttle unit on. I like the idea of having the finger lifts which as only on the Super Taurus and I may be wrong but the throttle throw seems longer on the Super Taurus over the Orion (maybe someone who has used both could answer this?) but I also like the idea of swapping throttle handles so if they are only planned for the Orion then maybe that's the way to go?
  2. I wonder how the side plate will work for the F-16 on the Super Taurus? it would be nice to see some pictures of it
  3. So will the Orion eventually replace the Super Taurus throttle? I have to admit to being a bit intrigued by Winwing even though I have a modded Warthog throttle base and I could fit the Super Taurus to my aluminium extrusion cockpit quite easily. I saw they have planned F-16 and helicopter collective throttle arms for the Orion, I'm guessing the fixing is the same on the Super Taurus throttle but what about that side plate for the F-16 throttle?
  4. Thanks trace, I was thinking I could get away with just making a small subframe by putting two pieces of 40x40 profile in front of the pedal deck then mounting the pedals to two 40x40 crossmembers to sit on the pieces in front of the pedal deck. With two angle brackets at the end it would stop them sliding.
  5. Could you give me a measure on the Crosswinds with the F-16 pedals please? Yeah I like the P1-X, it gives me a little more flexibility over the Obutto Ozone I had.
  6. Could you please give me a measurement for the total width of the pedals? I'm using a Sim-Labs P1-X cockpit for racing and flight sims and have my racing pedals hard mounted with a set of CH pedals sat on the floor. I'd like to upgrade to something like the Virpil or MFG Crosswinds but I know the Virpil pedals are too wide, the width I have is about 500mm
  7. I've used TrackIR and other options such as EDTracker and TrackHat but for me personally nothing comes close to the immersion in VR. Its truly transformed my flight sims, I find I spend more time flying now because of VR. I went through so many iteration of head tracking as mentioned above because I never found the perfect device, I don't want to have to play in a darkened room because the TrackIR gets thrown off and I hate the way the trackers lose their tracking even after you've spent time tweaking and trying to find the sweet spot so they don't go crazy if you move too far out of range.Then you just have the immersion breakers of seeing everything around you, the keyboard and mouse, the flat monitor in front of you, the wallpaper behind your monitor, the cat sat on the window sill who pops up and distracts you etc VR isn't perfect but for me its far far better than TrackIR etc
  8. I think the slew upgrade is fairly priced.
  9. Have a look at the slew upgrade. The original one is pretty poor, close to unusable but the upgrade transforms it. I've just done mine and so glad I did. https://deltasimelectronics.com/products/thumbstick-slew-sensor-adapter https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=200198
  10. 2453 received and installed, working great, got it last week in the mail but been too ill to fit until today.
  11. Well I'm using the settings Don posted apart from PD at 1.6 because the text is too blurry for me at 1.3. Its better than it was, not quite 2.5.5 but not far away so thats great. Another Windows update appeared tonight so fingers crossed ????
  12. Could you please post your DCS settings? My system is pretty comparable to yours
  13. Is licensing going to be an issue? I'd love to see an up to date USB F-16 TQS. I have a HOTAS Cougar throttle with the parts ready to convert to USB and will get that done soon but I still worry about its long term durability as it was prone to have issues with the speedbrake switch, pots on the ANT and RNG rotaries.
  14. Short answer - do it! I really underestimated how much of a difference VR would make. Having been a TrackIR user since the very first model and a user of various other tracking devices over the years - always looking for improvement I'd discounted the first generation of headsets for the clarity of the screens and the cost. With Windows Mixed Reality headsets becoming available with better screen technology I started to look at VR again but my PC wasn't up to it. Once I'd upgraded the Rift S arrived on the market and it made sense to me to dip my toe in the VR water and I'm so glad I did! As I said I'd massively underestimated VR as I was thinking of it more along the lines of a better head tracking solution i.e. proper 1:1 movement unlike other devices where you still have to look at the screen. What I didn't factor in was the immersion of the stereo vision, the 3D, call it what you want and no video you will watch on YouTube captures that, its something you have to experience yourself. The first time I donned my Rift S in a sim it was in DCS World in the Spitfire and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was breath-taking. Turning my head and seeing everything just jutting out in glorious 3D , tipping my head to look around the canopy bars, looking at the light reflect off the rippled and worn paint - it was the closest thing to having your own personal open cockpit day at a museum. I got so immersed in this initial test that at one point I forgot myself and reached out to touch the gyro sight - it sounds silly I know but this was my first time in VR anywhere and its hard to put into words the immersion I felt.
  15. When I do get the time to sit down and do some virtual flying it still makes me smile when I think how far the genre has come. I've been fortunate enough to have put together a nice little sim rig over the years and recently did an upgrade that has allowed me to get into VR with the Oculus Rift S. The sheer complexity we have now in the systems and flight modelling, the graphics and of course VR not to mention the advanced controllers is amazing from when I started out with my first proper simulation - Microprose's Gunship on the ZX Spectrum.
  16. Bought a Rift S yesterday specifically for flying and racing games then spent the first night faffing about playing in my 'home' and table tennis :) Had time to set it up for DCS and a couple of racing sims today and DCS blew me away. This is my first VR headset and sitting in the cockpit of the Spitfire was simply amazing. The detail on the canopy frame, right down to rippled paint and the depth perception. VR for me was a logical replacement for the TrackIR and Trackhat I've used previously but I seriously underestimated the immersion that feeling of depth provided. I was waiting for the Reverb but decided to go with the Rift S even though I have a 2080ti I wanted to make sure I could play the game without turning too much detail off.
  17. Because their FSSB R3 base was designed with a Thrustmaster plug/interface so that people could buy their base and use the Thrustmaster Warthog stick, now they have their own F-16 grip it would use the same interface to make it compatible with their own FSSB R3 base and then why not also show a picture of it on a Warthog base just to stop any questions of "will it work on the Warthog base?" for those who may buy it as its an exact replica and/or has better quality buttons that the Thrustmaster grip.
  18. I kept my HOTAS Cougar throttle in the hope that one day we would get the F-16 in DCS, I just need to get the Realsimulator USB adaptor. Surely Thrustmaster still has the tooling and moulds to make a USB modern version of the TQS? The HOTAS Warthog stick is close enough.
  19. The new line-up looks fantastic, Virpil certainly has come a long way 8n two years, congratulations to the team.
  20. Revvin

    CH quality

    Wrong on every count, I am not, and never was a CH retailer and I didn't switch to a Warthog a good time ago though I do own one and still have the grip and throttle from my old HOTAS Cougar among other assorted controls from over the years.
  21. I wonder if with DCS:F16 coming why Thrustmaster don't re-release the HOTAS Cougar TQS as a standalone throttle like they did with the Warthog eventually. Some updates to the internals, pots changed for halls for example and its good to go. They must still have all the mouldings to make the parts surely so no development costs for that. I still have my old TQS, I might buy the RealSimulator TUSBA and hook mine up
  22. Love watching stuff like this, it just reminds me how far we really have come from starting out with Gunship on the ZX Spectrum to DCS now. Even into the Amiga and Atart ST era and early PC sims you would be amazed if you got a CGI cutscene that looked even a fraction as good as what we have now.
  23. I've been using a wireless Corsair Void 7.1 headset and find the sound quality and mic superior to the ASTRO A50 headset I have for console use. Friends who have used my headset on my PC have mentioned how comfortable it is and light. It has micro fibre breathable material on the ear pieces so long stints with them on don't get sweaty like the cheaper fake leather cups on other headsets. The section on the end of the headband that attach to the ear pieces and allow them to move and swivel are made of metal so durability shouldn't be a problem, I've had mine for about 2 years and not had any issues with the hardware or the software for the headset. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Color/void-pro-wireless-config-na/p/CA-9011152-NA
  24. Give them a chance, we all know this is a relatively new start up with not a lot of staff to go around all the various forums and judging by the way the T-50 sold out they are in high demand at the moment.
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