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  1. Feliz año nuevo!!!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::pilotfly::pilotfly:
  2. Back in the days [YOUTUBE]sqdyTq--QGg[/YOUTUBE]
  3. :huh:this thread is weirdness... PS:but I believe that if you dream it's all right Fret when you do not.
  4. [YOUTUBE]5GMoLENWsSk&feature=youtu.be&t[/YOUTUBE] song start at 1:17...nice version:smilewink:
  5. Lucky Bastard put the Biography!:D Thx for share this dude:thumbup:
  6. [YOUTUBE]7ciy5R-tLiE[/YOUTUBE] almost, game over:(
  7. I have arma II, combine operation, and operation arrowhead, and its a great sim, but long time without playing, i think that they have a long way concerning to hardcode sim enviroment's, in compare with dcs, but that is my opinion, i think thats the reason of why i Fly more, instead of blowing head off with arma. :pilotfly: For question "how many years ..." not much time to make your wishes come true ... 5 years max.
  8. ¿So this thread, is about the worst part of the bible...?:doh::D
  9. same here:Dthe sounds on background is good too
  10. [YOUTUBE]rd_iVW3mfVg&list[/YOUTUBE] :music_walkman: soundtrack amazing! Anybody knows Who is the band? edit: Got it [YOUTUBE]Vei8lUYsJ5U[/YOUTUBE]
  11. news from the next dcs 27...:music_whistling:
  12. jajaja[YOUTUBE]1xAAGh-3sw0[/YOUTUBE] :D
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