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  1. Do you have a link for that? Actually seems feasible...
  2. Do you have your warthog grip mounted on your MSFFB2? Could you share details?
  3. Looks so good! Will you be releasing plans? If so, how far off are you?
  4. Do you have an idea if/when you will release open build plans? I'd really like to build one of these ffb sticks...
  5. Any idea when plans might be made available? Looks like an awesome project!
  6. Completely understood you mate... I think that's the direction I'll take. SFX100 with a g-seat mounted on top.
  7. The SFX100 does heave exceptionally well, but would need a g-seat set up on top to fill the void in forces. In a turn the load factor runs vertically through the aircraft. So whilst the SFX100 sinks with heave, the g-seat would apply pressure on the legs. Thats about as close we'll get in sims I think. This works even better in VR because when the SFX100 sinks, your view point also sinks in the sim giving the illusion of being pressed into the seat.
  8. I am not sure I would ever part with my SFX100.. I've invested too much time into it. Perhaps a g-seat solution ontop of the SFX100 is the way to go.
  9. Sure. Those forces are probably pretty good. What kills it for me is banking turns. In that sim, the rig has you suspended on your side. That is not the correct force in a real aircraft during a banking turn.
  10. Agreed.. Impressive. But certainly not realistic in terms of forces felt in flight. I have an SFX100 motion rig at the moment but am eagerly awaiting DIY plans for Bergisons seat if he releases them...
  11. Anyone know what the mainpanel arg numbers are for panel shake in the F/A-18?
  12. Perfect! That'll do the trick! Thank you!
  13. Hey guys. I'm wanting to have ground effects for my motion sim for land (<2m AGL) and also the same ground effects for on the carrier (which is around 21m ASL)... Is there something I can use in lua which defines an aircraft being over land or over water (sea)?
  14. Hey guys. I have a new windows installation. I have purchased both VoiceAttack and Vaicom. When I launch VoiceAttack (administrator), no VAP file is created... Any ideas?
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