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  1. So I know back in the 90s during Desert Storm Viper Pilots had to periodically correct for INS drift using known land marks : “A good INS is a bomber pilot’s best friend and is often the determining factor in successful target acquisition. But a typical INS has a drift (error) rate of approximately fifty feet per minute. To overcome this drift, pilots try to pick coordinates that coincide with identifiable landmarks, such as road intersections, mountain peaks, dams, and bridges. Once an F-16 pilot takes off and begins his low-level, he uses his map to crosscheck the different steerpoints p
  2. Hey everyone, I am struggling employing the Mavs, does anyone have a checklist for them? I would like to place it in my kneeboard so I can refer to it in VR. Thank you!
  3. Hey everyone. I was flying on a MP server last night over syria and performing DEAD on an SA-3 site. Trying to acquire the site on the TGP the TGP image in the MFD was almost impossible to see, It was either too dark or to bright, even manually adjusting the gain. It also seemed very grainy. I fly in VR and and have Culling enabled is this the issue? I also noticed the the Cockpit flood light would only render in the right eye. Is all of this because of the culling? Any one have a similar experience? For Reference: HP Reverb, 3080 Fe, 32gb ram, i7-9700k @ 5ghz, 1tb NVME at 3500mb/s
  4. Mav in the Manual Anyone know if DCS has added the MAV or HARM usage to the Early Access Guide?
  5. +1 this happened to me twice this week. So even though FCR shows as off with weight on the wheels, we should leave it off until TO?
  6. Thank you! Yea that lines up with what I am experiencing.
  7. F16 Possible Bug Avionics Failing Hello All, I am having this issue on Multiplayer servers, after starting the viper from a cold start. Sometimes when taxing to the runway and holding short for the rest of my wingmen to form up and be ready. I will get an elec system fault on the viper and INS fails, ADI goes to back up, TACAN goes off. Battery switch is still set to main I haven't touched anything. One time I switched from CAT 1 to 3 and I thought that caused it but haven't been able to reproduce. This happens on the ground after several minutes of sitting idle. Anyone encounter someth
  8. After you notice this change, when you CZ (cursor zero) it do the values on the EHSI return to the original values?
  9. Myself and various others from my squadron have experienced this issue. Has ED marked this as a bug?
  10. THANK YOU! Hey there thank you!!! This resolved my issue, also I think the other mistake I was making was I added the code to the top of the file, I moved it to the end of the file and voila!
  11. Hey There I did this and the RWR worked, but the DED did not. I followed your instructions to the letter. Did I miss something?
  12. My .lua Here is my .lua file. Everything is working minus the DED 3Monitors.lua
  13. Where to apply? Hello, I wanted to apply but noticed the Discord link isn’t working is this group still together? Is there a place where I can apply? Thanks!
  14. DCS World Patch Notes Discussion Thread Yeah little love for the viper again :( few bug fixes in comparison for it. But Thank you ED for all the hard work! Hope to hear some viper news soon! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hey everyone, Is it possible to export the DED and RWR for the F-16? I was able to export the two MFDs and the EHSI but was hoping to do the other two as well. Can anyone shine some light on the subject for me? Many thanks!
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