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  1. Rest assured: all bugs you find are listed, each is assigned a status and fixed. We see all the reports and are working on them.
  2. All airfield facilities in the Syria project are destructible and have a damage model. Even the airfield fence can be destroyed and users will see the fittings sticking out. But as far as the original objects are concerned, due to their ideological significance and their historical significance, it was decided that the possibility of their destruction would not be available. UPD: Nevertheless, we are working on various solutions in this direction and hope that by the time the work on the Syria map is completed, traces of cannon fire or missile and bomb strikes will be visible on all object
  3. The team knows the special attitude of users to night flights. Therefore, a lot of effort is put into making the launching and taxiing of aircraft from airfields a pleasure for DCS pilots.
  4. An important area of work for the developers of the DCS: Syria map is the detailed study of the airfield infrastructure and the maximum detail of the airfield hangars with the mission start places. * Guys, the task of optimizing the map is an important part of the development team's work. Significant results have already been achieved in this direction: when we recorded this video, then on the RTX 2070, less than 69 fps did not fall (basically 90-110Fps). Send me your configuration in the PM and the places where the maximum FPS drawdown occurs.
  5. We continue to work on the map of Syria. DCS: Syria Map Developers are working hard to ensure that users receive a completed Syria map as soon as possible. In addition to increasing the number of airfields on the mainland and adding the island of Cyprus to the map, the Ugra Media team is making great efforts to improve the content already available to users.
  6. Congratulations! We hope you enjoy flying! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...ucts/terrains/
  7. Syria Map early access is open! Congratulations! We hope you enjoy flying! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/ru/products/terrains/
  8. All such sites will be highlighted in the release.
  9. Ciao! Stiamo seguendo il tuo argomento. È stata la più attiva nella sezione internazionale. Grazie per il supporto! Questo è il ponte romano su di esso nel primo millennio, le legioni romane andarono in Persia e Palestina. Screenshot di Palmyra, che è strettamente collegata con l'Italia - le rovine dei maestosi edifici di Palmyra, sono tra i migliori esempi di architettura romana antica. Li abbiamo pubblicati nell'argomento "Syria Review" https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4455536&postcount=151
  10. We thank everyone who supports the project and writes their comments and suggestions. The developers tried to take into account most of them. And especially for you, we publish screenshots of the night illumination of the map of Syria.
  11. More than 500 airfield, industrial and residential buildings were specially created for the map of Syria. This allows you to convey the specifics of the architecture of Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, to recreate in detail the cities of these countries, industry and airfields. During the development of the map of Syria, special attention was paid to the reconstruction of the original modern and historical objects. More than 100 original structures and objects have been reconstructed in detail. Today we publish screenshots of some of them. Adana
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