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  1. I agree 100% with Ruggbutt. No paypal for me. I do like the Russian jets, but let's face the fact that they are a Russian company and they are going to cater to the Russian market. I don't blame them. But some of us are feeling a little left out in regards to the f-15. The 15 radar almost reminds me of a mainstream sim radar. To be completely honest, when I saw what the add-on was going to include, and the fact that the old missions would not be playable with 1.1, I gravitated back to my old love....dare he say it????? Yes, he will......Falcon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There I feel better. :o
  2. Ok, the dispute has been raised. TRACKS..... I SAY TRACKS to prove your point. Just like Ice did with the earlier tracks. One thing is for sure...I need more experience. I couldn't even follow what was going on in those 3 tracks. That Damn RWR was killing me when those missiles started getting launched. Ice, how many did it launch. Is it one missile for every launch tone or what? All right... Let's get ready to rumble!
  3. All this talk reminds me of the Chimera Rising campaign. I have tried several different tactics to complete the first mission and can't get through the Mig 31's and the wall of 77's. Someone please! Play this mission and record a track or post some tactic solutions. I found the campaign on the Ubi forum, a quick search should work. Thanks.
  4. Ok, I'll speak up. Yes, I have some of the same problems you have described, especially dealing with the memory issue. Currently, I fly one mission and then reboot the system. I can play 2 or sometimes more tracks depending on how long they are but always, before I start a meaningful mission I always do so with a reboot. Example: Started mission 3 of the F-15 campaign and flew for about 7 minutes, got killed so thought well that's not too long I'll just start again without reboot. Flew the mission completed it and as I am comming in on final about 1000 ft. from the threshhold......hardloc
  5. Thanks man, I got it running and all is working well. But I did need a good profile, thanks for posting. Richmond huh? East Tennesse here. Thanks again.
  6. Hey guys, I am needing help getting the Track IR correctly configured. I have read conflicting reprorts about mouse look and things. Any general help would be appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
  7. Would someone be kind enough to post a training track that focuses on the refueling of the F-15. I can't seem to get it done. I can do the Flanker, but not the Eagle. Or at least point me to one. Hey, look at this way...It'll keep you busy until you know what gets here. Thanks.
  8. Yea, to be sure. I bet it was fun while it lasted. But that deacceleration trauma at the end when he impacted the ground turned out the lights for sure. Now that we are on the subject, I know that the U.S. aircraft's ejection seats are fitted gyros that automatically right the seat in an ejection, does the Russian aircraft have such a system. That sequence reminds me of an unfortunate A-10 pilot when I was stationed at Shaw AFB in S.C. He was on the gunnery range and somehow got too low and couldn't pull out before hitting he trees, so he ejected. But it sent him straight into the trees
  9. Sorry to ask this here, but this is the only place I know to ask this question that is regularly patroled by Flanker heads. Like a lot of people I bought Lomac the day it game out in great anticipation, but was intitially turned off due to the bugs and returned to other realistic flight sims. But I eventually returned to Lomac after 1.02 and found it to be quite stable, and fun, except for a memory leak of some kind. I had never been a big fan of the flanker series, but after playing Lomac I caught the desire to try the earlier version of the Flanker. I found it in a bargin bin at the loca
  10. I recently saw a post from someone, I think it was Bob or somesuch. He was asking about a mission in this campaign. I would love to have helped but i can't even get through the 1st mission. As I close, I get pinged and before I can get them on the scope, i get the big 100 km range missile launched at me. (can't remember the nomenclature). But not just one, as many as 6. I have tried beaming, fpole, the whole lot. Most of the time I don't even get off a missile. Bob, if you are out there......Help!
  11. thanks bud. I left a message to you in the very first sticky.
  12. Hey Seafury, is this the same Seafury that designed the training missions with voice tracks? If so, how about doing an F-15 missile evasion track. That is one area that has been lacking. I would love to do one, but missile avoidance is not my strong suit....yet. I am just now getting back into lockon after 1.02. I guess that's why I need some help. Thanks either way.
  13. Anyone know of any f-15 training videos for 1.02? Thanks.
  14. I don't seem to able to complete this mission. I did notice that there are 2 Mig 29's that don't take off around wayopint 3. Could that be the problem. Thanks.
  15. I asked this over in the Ubi forum, but it somehow got deleted. Anyway, how do you get clearance to land. The only command I see for the Tower is inbound for landing. I never get clearance, but my wingmen do. Is this a game limitation or pilot error? Signed, a reborn LOMAC man.
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