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  1. From the pics he posted I'd say its 1.02 as well. They look to be right out of the 1.02 A10 quick fly mission...
  2. The ecm indicator in the a10 is just to the right of your right thigh. there are 8 small light indicators. They (4)will be lit Yellow when ECM is in standby They (4)will be lit Green when ECM is active ECM will continously function while it is in the Active mode unless it is damamaged.
  3. OK once you get the mud spike put it on your 3 or 9 o-clock until you can get a visual on it. Once you spot it use the terrain to memorize its location so if you look away you can quickly reaquire it visually. Make sure you have your ECM turned on! This will reduce the range that the SAM system can get a good lock on you. This will allow you to get closer to the system before it can launch on you. Turn onto the target and visually aquire it through your hud(Using your terrain ques to find it quickly). Slew your mavrick piper and lock onto the target or ground stabilize near the targe
  4. http://www.lockon.ru/index.php?end_pos=950&scr=default&lang=en 3/4s of the way down the page Estimated Release: March 2006
  5. Whats this I hear someones been asking questions about me??? They want to take advantage of me and use me in Flaming Cliffs. Well I tell you no sir!! J/K Thats a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) I dont believe you can use one in FC unless there is some mod I dont know of
  6. The 44th VFW The Watchers 1st fighter wing (F15) Cobra flight Homefield-Saki 2nd fighter wing (F15) Rattler flight Homefield-Saki 1st Bomber wing (A10) Jaguar flight Homefield-Saki Drone
  7. Here is where I got my CH stuff. They had the cheapest price I could find on the net. They have the pedals for 88.06 USD see here http://www.provantage.com They do ship internationally it might be worth checking out. PS congats on your new pedals I know you'll love em... Hmm I couldn't post a direct link to the page so just do a CH pedals serch from the main page Drone
  8. Who is this 504th you speak of? You cant go wrong with the 504th. They are a great group of pilots... 44th_Drone
  9. Pearl Harbor. you can see the outline of the Arizonia with the memorial above it... Drone
  10. The saitek software is actually very powerful it just takes some time using it to figure out how to get it to do what you want. One example is I used to have my airbrake set to deploy on one keypress and then retract after a second keypress. Alot of times I would forget I had the brake out so I made a new advanced command that would extend the brake as long as I hold the assigned key down and as soon as I release it the brake retacts automaticly.. Drone
  11. I too am a Hog driver.... I do enjoy the SU25T but my true love is time spent at the controls of the Hog.... Drone
  12. There are some really good squads here to choose from!!! The 44th VFW. stop buy and have a look at us http://44th.hgmux.org/ Drone
  13. Hell, Michigan(no joke) Well I live just outside Hell but drive through it daily on the way to work. Yes it does freeze over every year... Drone
  14. I had the same problem so I rolled em back to an older version.. Works good again.. Drone
  15. In order to see the nosewheel light you have to have haze set to advanced Drone
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