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  1. Thanks. Copying F-14B.lua to F-14A-135-GR.lua works.
  2. I have not been able to get it to work. I've tried copying F-14B.lua to: F14.lua F-14.lua F-14A.lua with no success.
  3. Thanks. That's a very cool setup you have. I now understand a bit more the power of the plug-in. Thanks for sharing. This helps a lot.
  4. @Chacal_IX Are your CAP_button# 123 through 134 lamps? I've tried with value greater than 0.5, but even when I display the text it oscillates from 0 to 0.0. I'm trying to map CAP lamps 6, 7, and 8 to use the streamdeck to classify a contact as friend, unknown, or hostile.
  5. I only see an exportscript.lua in that post (recently uploaded), and it doesn't seem to contain any aircraft exports.
  6. My guess is it has to be a switch. A button would only be on while pressed. It may be working if you hold the button down.
  7. Thanks to @Chacal_IX for the lamp IDs. -- [b4 RIO - Center Panel] ---------------------------------------------------------------- -- HCU [2007] = "%.1f", -- HCU IR/TV [2008] = "%.1f", -- HCU RDR [2009] = "%.1f", -- HCU DDD Cursor [2010] = "%.1f", -- HCU TID Cursor -- [END B4] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- [b5 RIO - Center Console] -------------------------------------------------------------- -- Display [17] = "%.1f", -- IFF [6114] = "%.1f", -- PD STT Lamp [6115] = "%.1f", -- PULSE STT Lamp [6116] = "%.1f
  8. Wow, thank you! How did you determine that? I was able to deduce HCU IR/TV, RDR, DDD Cursor, and TID Cursor because they have 2 entries in the ID Lookup table.
  9. I still need some help pointing me in a direction in how to identify the above lamp IDs. I don't understand what tools to use to find them. In the meantime, here is my small contribution that I have tested for the RIO. -- [b4 RIO - Center Panel] ---------------------------------------------------------------- -- HCU [2007] = "%.1f", -- HCU IR/TV [2008] = "%.1f", -- HCU RDR [2009] = "%.1f", -- HCU DDD Cursor [2010] = "%.1f", -- HCU TID Cursor -- [END B4] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- [b5 RIO - Center Console] ----------
  10. I had posted on the DCS Interface thread, but you may be a better resource. How are you finding out the Lamp codes to put into your export lua? I'm interested in getting the RIO radar lamps to work. PD STT PULSE STT PD SRCH RWS TWS AUTO TWS MAN PULSE SRCH What can I do to help with the effort?
  11. How can I find lamp IDs for the F-14B? I'm trying to create the radar modes with lamps for the RIO, but searching through the dcs interface comms is difficult due to the sheer number of entries. Any advice on how to track down lamps for the following? PD STT PULSE STT PD SRCH RWS TWS AUTO TWS MAN PULSE SRCH
  12. No, that's not right. OAP_LH_COVER is Button_11 command_defs.lua just takes the 11 and adds 3000, so that would make the left cover Button ID 3011. However, when I use Button ID 3011, it doesn't work. If I change the state in the game, the state on the Stream Deck will show up, but if I click it in the Stream Deck, it doesn't work. Am I missing some glue?
  13. My guess after looking in the clickabledata.lua for the P47 would be: Button ID: 3139 [139] = "%d", -- LH Wing Bomb Cover Button ID: 3140 [140] = "%d", -- LH Wing Bomb Switch Button ID: 3141 [141] = "%d", --RT Wing Bomb Cover Button ID: 3142 [142] = "%d", --RT Wing Bomb Switch Button ID: 3143 [143] = "%d", -- Belly Bomb Cover Button ID: 3144 [144] = "%d", -- Belly Bomb Switch
  14. I've skimmed through those docs, but I still don't understand how to get the ButtonID. For example, the P47 Left Wing bomb cover should have both a DCS ID (139) and a button ID. I apparently can't make the switch work without the button ID.
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