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  1. Hi, could someone (ideally from Deka) confirm that if I shoot SD on 35 mile and will turn back immediatelly losing radar lock while another JF17 (linked with datalink) can still see the target - can be the information from datalink or from another JF be used to track /update target until it goes to active? I'm not sure how the SD10 is updating its information from the JF which initiated the launch (is it through the radar somehow or there is some transmission / radio coming from the JF and it cannot be updated/used by another JF?)
  2. what was broken on dogfight vertical scan which was mentioned in latest patch?
  3. yes, I'm getting tracking tracking but as soon as the missile is launched I'm getting instant msl lnch warning (even from 30NM) - the plane was in front of me and I had him tracked in TWS
  4. I'm getting MSL LNCH as soon as it is launched in STT from 30-40NM (both planes are jf17) - is that real?
  5. So it works exactly as you stated - I got warning only in STT and not in other modes. We had to be confused somehow and my friend had to be in STT not knowing it or overlooking it.
  6. We have tried launching ARH (SD-10) in RWR bugged target and we have still received MSL LCH - is JF-17 supposed to really get MSL LCH only in SST? I will try to do more tests today
  7. We have fired from JF17 in TWS (only HTS - no STT) and I got missile launch from 35 NM warning (only if the fox3 were launched) - I'm curious why is that - shouldn't be firing fox3 from 35NM in TWS (no STT) silence launch and you should get warning only when missile is in like 5NM (or if the missile will just go to active)
  8. I have now tried - JF-17 againts JF-17 - I got MSL LAUNCH warning only when JF-17 fired the missile from STT and from TWS - I cannot remember I was getting this warning before. Do actually anyone know when we should get MSL LAUNCH warning againts AIM-120C when fired from F16/F-18 - at what range should we get the first warning for the MSL WARNING ? Does it depend on what mode they were launched?
  9. Hi, When I'm in about 30-40Nm range - sometimes I see warning - missile launch but sometimes I do not see it. I was fighting with JF-17 againsta JF-17. I understand that I will get the warning anytime the missile will be about 5NM near me (missile - missile - missile warning) but what exactly causes "Missile lnch" on my hud? Do I need to track the plain or did the enemy fired the misile in SST and if not in SST I will not get "Missile lnch" on my hud?
  10. I woudl have no problem to pay a subscription. I'm spending a lot of time in this game and I understand how much money you need to keep wheels rolling. ED relies on one time payment income (as I know) so the managment have to think all time what to do to keep the finance coming - for us - long time players this is no good as what we want is - better testing, focus on fixing things - doing things with OUR priority list. All of this would be so much easier when doing on subscription level because than ED would be able to hire new guys and they can pay them from subscriptions focusing on things W
  11. if they allow to buy early access modules like the F16 which I paid - ppl are maybe expecting some level of stability even in open beta - what we are seeing these days are not normal and should be avoided.
  12. did I pay F-16 early access in open beta? Or was it in stable?
  13. disagree. Create alpha versions with restricted number of people and release things to beta only if it passes the closed alpha testing.
  14. Hi guys from ED - it is more than obvious that you have problem with the quality / testing and so why just not let join the community to test things with you before you release beta? I'm pretty sure there are many volunteers which would test some pre-release version and find new bugs or check fixes so new beta releases will actually not turn into alfa releases which introduces more bugs than it actually fixes. Just though..
  15. anyone know when the next release will be? Not only jamming is not working but the missile worning as well so it seems the whole SPJ pod is like not warning at all.
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