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  1. It is too late for this patch, but if you want I can include it with the same params for all other maps for the next patch, too.
  2. Thank you for the feedback, and happy that you like it! The PG campaign will be cold starts only. (read: mostly)
  3. We have no such plans to change anything on either atm. If it is wished that the Viggen tapeplayer continues to play in external views, we can look into that. As for EQ - personally I prefer without EQ much more, but that will be a thing of taste I guess. Maybe we can take a look after the Tomcat release at it.
  4. All bug reports are being tracked and at the minimum we read all your threads and comments - without exception. No reply just means no reply and is due to the Viggen team being a bit smaller and thus more shorthanded on time, is all. But they read every single report, test all relevant reports and track all legitimate bugs without exception. As Cobra mentioned above, we will try and put more effort into more feedback across all modules, but at some point replying on forums simply takes away from development time, hence newer modules get more attention, etc. As always, time is unfortunately a l
  5. Thank you for the feedback! As for the carriers - it is for eyecandy reasons, nothing more, nothing less. The player only uses one, and the AI doesnt really care. IRL all of these ships would be up to several tens of miles spread out, as needed by the situation, and you might only see the carrier at times. While more realistic, it is also a bit more boring than being able to look at a larger naval formation. And in the end, they wouldnt even enter the black sea and just operate out of the Mediterranean, etc.. Hence i created them from the get go to concentrate nice views for the player to
  6. Payload drag is ED side, there is little to nothing we can do about it. That said, I dont think it is a bug either, because as mentioned above, the higher AOA at higher altitudes will produce more drag. This is why you need in some cases afterburners to fly at 200kts in the danger zone, while down low you will breeze along with 75% RPM or less even... On top of that the thinner air adds to it and so on and so forth. We believe that on some stores drag is generally too high, so this problem definitely permeates to high altitudes or is even more visible, but the fact alone that drag is high
  7. The guys responsible for either do not cross much, the A has nothing to do with Lantirn not being ready. It is simply complicated and takes very long to achieve is all. But the A did not distract from its development. This is something of course impossible to know for you guys, but in 8/10 cases working on one thing does not reduce the work on another thing. Same like when ppl tell us we give more love to the Tomcat than the Viggen, while it is two separate teams working on either, etc... To explain further: A implementation was mainly a topic for our FM/ engine developers, while Lantirn
  8. Real Tomcat crews were not unhappy of fuel remaining, as that meant they could practice BFM before returning to the boat. This maybe/likely wasn't the case during wartime - @Victory205 can correct me if I am wrong - but in peace time crews tried to save a little more to be able to do that. IIRC they had a dedicated area behind the ship for BFM practice.
  9. There is a couple of other misunderstandings in this, and so I shall share a write up @Super Grover did a while ago, to give you a better understanding, how the RWR works principally, off topic or beyond the initial question asked. Grover is always too modest to admit it, but it is one of the best and most realistic implementations of RWRs in any sim to date, I would say, and since he did it I am not pumping my chest by saying this , so here it goes: The procedures/logic: - Four sensors/antennas for the radar bands of tracking radars and airborne radars.
  10. Always the one who's asking bud. We can't wait! PS: for a great experience, if we do such an event, it will be SC ofc to provide the LSO platform.
  11. Yes, it is paramount iirc to fly over your fixed point first (tell Jester to set it), or the mission will not work.
  12. If you wanna fly like Okie and Victory and these guys did, fly around 200kts. Okie told us the most of the time he'd spend at that speed. I fly the A at such speeds on CAP stations where I dont expect to get jumped immediately or on anything that doesn't require fast. To prepare an attack run I accelerate to 350kts IAS with mil power, and punch the burners to complete the attack, I dive for the last part to both gain speed and obtain a look up advantage. Never run out of fuel, never feel to slow or sluggish in that. Small edit, Victory just told me that max conserve was at 230kt
  13. You know what guys, I think we should make a get together and do some carrier traps, and I can help you all to get a bit better. If enough of you are interested, I'd be happy to provide that. Let me know.
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