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  1. When it comes to too extensive realism, I always propose the following 3: 1. realistic fuel and repair times. Damaged? Your F-14 license gets locked for 2 to 3 weeks, with a fair and realistic damage repair model. 2. A G-Force DLC. We send you 10 bricks collected during the 80s, and for every G you pull, you put 1 brick into your lap. 3. 1 life only. If you die, you need to rebuy the module. -> ducks and runs for cover!
  2. That's also something to be enforced by server admins. On the 104th server we had and have a rule since the dawn of time, that you have to wait for the kill message to appear before changing slot or jumping to spectators. Furthermore, our own members must give you a "gk S!" when shot down - but the latter here is ofc etiquette, which one can only apply or enforce to oneself or one's own squadron. But it is still something that should be set as a general mentality for good sportsmanship and fairness on any server imo. Depriving your opponent from his kill is bad sportsmanship and not fair. Our
  3. Thanks. That's also an AI issue I would say, there is nothing that would tell him to fly north in any kind of way, in fact that isn't even possible to order as an action for wingmen (I wish it was) - unless the player orders them to a specific waypoint. Unfortunately the AI will always be a bit of a limiting factor in campaigns, I tried to work around AI issues as much as possible, but things like this surprise even the most seasoned of us.. Thanks again for reporting it.
  4. Thank you for letting me know. In my tests I had no issues killing it with 1 aim9, but the DM of the AI might be a bit unreliable here. I will think of something that will assure progress even if he only has to crash-land, like below a certain percent of damage etc.. Thanks again!
  5. Happy New Year everyone! A great way to commence it, is with this awesome video made by Jester and his friends over at Death From Above! Go check it out! May 2021 be your year!
  6. The same to you, bud! May it be prosperous and just so, so much better, for you and your loved ones!
  7. How should I put it? It is always a bit dangerous to judge someone's job, if you don't know what it all includes, if you haven't walked the path to its full extent. While I have no doubt that your texturing work and mods were of the very best kind, it is still a different level than doing something like the F-14. I don't mean that as much on the level of texturing work done or that kind of sorts, that doesn't matter. I mean it is more like apples and pairs, it is a whole different league of maintenance, complexity and responsibilities, all limited by time. This is why prioritizing is necessary
  8. Well, in general a campaign as such doesnt work in Multiplayer. But the missions can be flown one by one in MP ofc, without the whole progression system (which unfortunately only works for SP). Another caveat ofc is that the voices etc are all tailored for a SP experience predominantly. But, I think that's something that can be overlooked rather easily. I will add COOP missions in the next patch (and a SC) version, but if you do not want to wait, all you need to do is open the missions in the editor and change the player and wingman aircraft both to "client". Then both aircraft can be flo
  9. I will add a SC version for the next patch, in the meantime you can also grab one made by @Dave317, which is available in the file section. Check it out here.
  10. Hi Rooster, it is a non Supercarrier version, so there is no crew to guide you. You basically line up yourself (use F2 if you need to), then press U to connect to the catapult. After that spool up and press left shit + U to launch. This is how all non-SC version carriers work.
  11. That's a bug. Thank you for pointing it out. I thought this was fixed a long time ago.. It was anything but rushed. It cost us a significant amount of time and lots and lots of work... Thank you for the great and detailed feedback, UWBuRn!
  12. While this likely isn't news for the majority of you, I still thought you'd enjoy our new trailer for the Campaign. Here it is.
  13. Thanks for the very kind words. As for the marshall: unfortunately the AI/ATC is a bit lacking in this regard, I am not sure if on the SC version the charlie time will be more considerate of the stack, but it's not something I can influence. In general the best is to accept the charlie time and then fall into the pattern traffic, I wish marshalling was done a bit better in general, too. The next campaign will be more about procedures, too, in this one I did not want to make landings mandatory, hence everything after the RTB message is left to ATC and the RNG gods of the DCS AI. The next one wi
  14. One must not forget to account for the magvar around the carrier, but yes, basically you fly straight. I shall add that to the briefing. Thank you! (The course straight should be 056, however it will show deviation on your hud tape, BDHI, etc..) Thanks! I have no idea how JSOWs and tact pods made it lmao, cause I never (consciously) put them there, but in general AI loadouts are still WIP and likely I used some presets or missed some, etc. I'll double check them for the next patch. If you find anything else, please let me know. EDIT: forgot to mention that th
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