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  1. Christmas is coming. Santa's address: north pole, third bear on the left...
  2. Hi, I noticed an inappropriate behavior of a type of vessel in DCS. It concerns the wake of submarines. This behavior appears for all types of submarines, from different designers (SSK 663 from ED), from third party (Type_093 from Deka Ironwork Simulation ) or from independent mods (USS Los Angeles SSN-688i from Admiral189 or Oscar-class Project 949). Here is its manifestation: the wake is perfect when the submarine is on the surface. When the submarine dives the wake disappears completely (not on all models, some do not use the GT.sternEffectDX parameter). When the vessel returns to the surface, the wake does not reappear. Is this a parameterization issue or is it the DCS simulation model that is not designed to implement this behavior?
  3. Hi all, A topic for the activation of torpedoes by ED has been opened by Hawkeye60 You can support this request here:
  4. 100% in favor of this request...
  5. Hi, Admiral I have the livery of the USS Bougainville at your disposal...
  6. Hi, Does anyone know the use of these elements that lift up when the helicopter approaches?
  7. Hi, What do you mean by "the ships of Taffy 3"?
  8. Hi, No information on the progress of the project?
  9. Hi, The B25 works with the 2.7.6 but not with the 2.7.7 for me. The visualization in the mission editor crashes and makes the game crash Am I the only one in this situation? Or is it my installation that is defective? Le B25 fonctionne avec la 2.7.6 mais pas avec le 2.7.7 pour moi. La visualisation dans l'editeur de mission plante et fait planter le jeu Suis-je le seul dans cette situation ? Ou bien est-ce mon installation qui est défectueuse ? Marroux PS : encore bravo les frères Cuesta !
  10. Hi, The new version proposed for download by T-Pap at the beginning of the topic corrects the problem of the reference to Seacat.lua initially present. The mod works correctly. Thanks to T-Pap for this beautiful ship.
  11. Hi, After testing I can confirm that it is the Seacat.lua file that is at fault. If we copy this file from the HMS Invincible mod into the HMS_Ocean_Atlantico mod, the ship appears in the mission editor. Without this file, no HMS_Ocean_Atlantico
  12. Hi, Thanks crazyeddie, I just did the test with the latest Open Beta version. The presence of the HMS_Invincible is necessary for the HMS Ocean and Nam Atlantico to appear in the ME. There is a reference to seacat.lua in the entry .lua file which is not in the mod. Is this a possible explanation?
  13. Hi T_Pap, The problem seems to come from the brackets in the directory name: it should be HMS_Ocean_Atlantico and not HMS_Ocean_Atlantico(TPAP)
  14. Hi, That's normal. The guys of desdemacabina use an installer. It's100% safe
  15. Hi Desdemicabina team, Could you tell us about your current projects?
  16. Hi, The link is in the discord of the group FrenchPackTeam room chat posted by Gregory. The signature is Markindel/Cadarth here :
  17. Hi, Not related to the update. It worked fine before...
  18. Hi, I guess I must be misunderstanding the problem. I can get 4 AI AV-8Bs off the USS America whether it's 4 aircraft added one at a time or a group of 4.
  19. Hi, I personally have no such difficulty with the AI AV-8B takeoff. The take off of a single AI AV-8B aircraft from the parking spot works perfectly whether it is on the USS America (thank you Admiral for this marvel), the Tarawa or the Queen Elisabeth. Difficulties can arise with several AI aircraft. They sometimes block each other depending on the route from the parking area to the take-off point.
  20. Hi, The dropfiles link seems dead...
  21. Hi, My F35 VSN fails to land. Whatever the ship, the approach goes well, but the F35 quietly enters the water at the last moment. Is this a known problem?
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