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  1. And off you go again......like a broken record....
  2. Dont you ever give up or shut up. Every post is banging the same drum over and over and over again......Not one point on the video...... You quote that everything is right in the video post 20 minutes.....are you claiming that I dont have IRL hours on it, that I never flew the thing IRL, that my experience of the airframe is void????? Really what are you saying is correct and whats not????? DCS is a GAME....The definition of a Game is as follows noun 1. an activity that
  3. Also get rid of your curve.....you want a linear movement and the curve will just mess you up.
  4. Ok guys here is the link to the latest video created by Sly. Here is talks with Gizmo about the intricacies of the Gazelle and how to get he best from it as it stands now.
  5. Might be an idea to find a local friendly in another country to purchase it for you and then ship directly to you........
  6. I am trying to get the information from the F10 Markers you can place in DCS. I primarily want the coordinates......this is what I have so far..... EngageArea:HandleEvent(EVENTS.MarkChange) --- @param Core.Event#EVENT self -- @param Core.Event#EVENTDATA EventData function EngageArea:OnEventMarkChange(EventData) MarkerCoord = COORDINATE:New(EventData.pos.y, EventData.pos.x, EventData.pos.z) EngageArea:SetVec2(MarkerCoord) end However I am seeing nothing in the logs to show me where I am going wrong......can anyone help me as I am confused as hell.....I can see the data I want in the
  7. Ok here goes trying to explain my predicament. ARTY has the ability to use text from the F10 map to create a fire solution for artillery units. I am looking to adapt the script to create something new to do with the entering of script in he F10 menu. So far I have managed to decipher the script to the point of pulling what I want but I am stuck. In the moose lua file at line 76036 or thereabouts is this local = assignments {} --this creates a table called assignments-- assignments.engage = false assignments.battery = {} --another table-- assignments.loadsofotherstuff = tables and fa
  8. Answers in bold. FWIW the gazelle is a cracking little mod. You can go it alone in the lima to take out minor target with rockets and guns or be a little more punchy with the Mike using tows to take out heavier armour. Or if you really want a challenge take any one of the 4 variants and no ammo and become an proper OH guy behind enemy lines reporting in to a friendly A10 or similar to bring in the fire on targets you discover......stay low cos the perspex screen isn't a great barrier against anything fired at you. Its simple to learn and doesn't require much reading of 9" thick manuals to get
  9. Go 9 line....... at last....finally......phew. @Adam if you want any advice give shout......
  10. Aaaaaaand back on the ignore list you go........... "shakes head slowly with a wry smile on his face"........you can lead said horse to water but if the horse don't wanna drink its gonna die eventually of thirst......maybe then it will have understood you were trying to help.......
  11. As someone who actually flew P1, Right Hand Seat in the real thing I find it frustrating that you with no real life experience of being in command of the actual Gazelle are attempting to validate your opinion on the reactiveness of the cyclic controls against the real airframe. What point of reference are you referring too? Is it the video on the controls v graphs from the flight manual by the engineer. If so how do you know that the control view is exactly replicating the instruments used in the flight test? You dont!!! Are you referencing other videos on Youtube and making assumptions
  12. Based on IRL experience on the gazelle and what I remember wrt to amount of cyclic deflection here are my settings using a short throw stick with a purpose built collective and VKB yaw pedals. Y Axis - Pitch - 50% Y Axis - Roll - 50% Everything else is 100% no curves
  13. Done.......peace and quiet from here on in...... :D:D
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