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  1. i've looked thru the forums and can't find any chain home radar locations on channel map, does anyone have them listed?
  2. i prefer the Dora mainly because there is a bigger chance to disengage and reset for an attack or return to base. the A8 i find myself in the fight even if i don't want too.
  3. they could at least explain what they "mean" by Added V1 Launch sites: Neuville, Wallon-Cappel, Maisoncelle, Siracourt, Vacqueriette, Ligescourt, Val Ygot, le Bouc, Wizernes, Lottinghen, Yvrenches.
  4. anyone found them yet? the new stable update also mentions them...
  5. ping to high? integrity check? just a guessing...
  6. given up flying the D-9 in multi... its just too frustrating. fly for 15-30, see someone then have the engine go. used to be my favorite.
  7. is this still being investigated, just what is the status?
  8. yes its the "Life" of the unit. 100% being the most. the "Combat" is the mission type that unit will preform, and according to what you select it effects the choices in "ADVANCED (WAYPOINT ACTIONS) Documentation (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  9. its a place holder... and just so happens to be 2 wks.
  10. steam had it releasing at 1200EST today, now it shows release in 6 hrs...
  11. didn't the D9 have flares? i noticed the K4 is only German warbird with flares...
  12. well i'm thinking they also don't want to announce the very day of the release that it won't release... something ED should have been able to at least update them prior too. then again maybe ED did notify them...
  13. i'm running 2 missions on my server, now instead of starting next mission after the first has ended, the server switches to next mission then pauses.
  14. haven't noticed this till now, did some reading of the forum. maybe i missed it and its already been answered. i have my own dedicated server... as it works now with "mods" i have to install the module on server for those with the module and then those that don't have the module are excluded at least from the mission that includes the module on the server. i assume this works the same way. every dcs update would i have to re-install this module? if i were to put this on my server would i have to purchase a module just for the server? i imagine t
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