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  1. check the date of mission and that the "clock" at bottom of screen is off.
  2. I've come across this time and time again and can't figure what it's for or what it could be used for. to the right there's an additional "Box" that i normally don't see with the trigger zone. Role...Value... Object ID... does anyone know how this is used. thanks
  3. i'm trying to create a base capture multi-player mission, using aircraft to capture the base. using triggers i've set a red and blue grd unit late activation at base. then set a trigger zone on base once a red/blue aircraft enter zone, unit speed less. unit agl less, unit speed less, unit alive then depending on if the unit is Red/Blue either the red/blue activate/deactivate the red/blue grd unit. problem i've come to realize i'd have to do this for each red/blue unit and then for each base. is there a script to do this? base capture.miz
  4. don't seem to work on normandy map test-mission.miz
  5. then look down, there is a rheostat knob for gunsight brightness.
  6. did i miss an update on its progress... where'd ya here this?
  7. till then i use trigger zones with artillery for JU-88 bombs... its sucks but hey.
  8. i always thought the WW2 assets pack should have just been included in ME assets anyway... glad someone is getting something for "free" and hopefully its expands the community. how about a "free" P-47D30, it would expand the WW2 community to wider audience as well.
  9. has this been resolved. it seems the Aux is filled first then the main.
  10. my sqdn already has a dserver set up for IL2. do we need purchase modules, terrrians for a DCS server?
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