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  1. it varies, with the placement of the AA and the ground elevation you want to fly over. its trial and error...
  2. the best way, but its like pulling your teeth. is to place the AA in the lowest ground elevation possible, which is hard cause most of Channel and Normandy are so flat, but you can try and place static buildings around the AA to block the line of fire for low flying aircraft... but it takes a while.
  3. i seperate the aaa into seperate group and add a trigger zone and a stop action for one or both groups. trigger zone set to coalition in zone and a group altitude below stops the aaa and if someone is above alitude group resumes. if you're in same trigger zone as another member of the same coalition but one of you is above the altitude it doesn't work. note switched condition triggers arn't the best...
  4. i think it'll only get better with the addition of the ai second seater and as nav aids are added to the maps. ai second seater that could be able to call out threats... maybe? its the nav ability that i can't wait to be fleshed out.
  5. Where is it? Found it... View, then Beacons. shows Navaids on current map.
  6. when Ai is loaded with just bombs in bomb bay, Ai will open doors and drop internal bombs, but if Ai has full bomb load it will only drop the the bombs on the wings. also the lead aircraft has the right wing light about a meter or so below the right wing, all other Ai mossies lights look good. Mossie Ai bombing internal and wing bomb.miz Mossie Ai bombing internal bomb.miz
  7. going to give a go... got to see what the channel map like and update mission accordingly.
  8. i thiink its one of the major failings... btw you forgot the redheaded stepchild I-16.
  9. you can resolve it yourself... take the time and effort to create your own mission and then put up your own server. then run it, manage a web page so everyone can see their stats and do it all for free... just a suggestion, why not continue this in Multiplayer Forum and let this thread get back on track?
  10. well its Korean war missions on server for now till the Mossie is released. maybe if my ego lets me, i'll include MW50 and some I-16s when it flips back to WW2...
  11. i do it on my server because of the time frame for the channel and normandy maps.
  12. where is it posted, its not in any forums i could find.
  13. where did you hear that the Mosquito will be barred on SOW on launch?
  14. here's an example mission AI will start after 5 min into mission. grp uncontroled.miz
  15. the K-4 has flares, the D-9 even has the port hole for the flare gun. why doesn't the D-9 have them, would be nice so i signal my wingman that my engine is still bugged?
  16. now that the map is due for release... what about the V1 locations? what about the Chain Home locations?
  17. Oh Basco... read into it again. "i think it just mean it won't be released before the the 9th." how you made the jump to "come on mate get yourself a beer,..." take your time we got all month or longer. wheel chocks.
  18. i think it just mean it won't be released before the 9th. to be sure only time will tell.
  19. not that i'm suggesting that i'd be fore an early release... but isn't it standard to complain about missing items and annoying bugs for modules regardless of the release date?
  20. then hopefully fly till engine loses power or just quits.
  21. what aircraft do you fly, Maps and do you have the WW2 assets pack? are you using Beta version or Stable version of DCS?
  22. mission type suggestions, or what do you think should be the layout?
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