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  1. just my opinion.

    i would think ED, though not the creator of the Corsair, would provide input on the engine. just for the simple reason there will be those that compare the P-47 and Corsair for differences not effected by the turbo/superchargers. imagine having to argue the main bearing in one behaving differently in a dive without damage? so i wouldn't think they'd be starting at 0. they'd probly have to start a forum just for the R-2800.

  2. On 10/12/2021 at 3:34 PM, Art-J said:

     As for the bailout in the air procedure, jettison the side hatch by pulling the emergency jettison handle and press the bailout command for the first crew member, then switch to the second position and do the same.

    i'd have thought, jettison canopy top, roll inverted, navigator release his seat belt, then pilot release his seatbelt. rather than going thru all that and feathering the prop. anyone tried?

  3. just my opinion... if you're going to purchase something why not go direct, why deal the middleman? sometimes it may save you money, but then if there' are problems with what you purchased is the middleman just going to direct you to manufacturer anyway... and do you have to continue to deal with middleman just to use what you purchased because somehow he has some control of what you purchased. 

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  4. 53 minutes ago, rkk01 said:

    So, I have set up a V1 strike mission with 3 elements…

    - a flight of 4 Mossies to attack the V1 installation

    - a flight of 4 rocket armed Thunderbolts to take out the flak

    - a flight of 4 Spitfires as escort

    Only my player aircraft and the 4 Spits do their job… conscious I must have some ME errors, but can’t work out what

    The Mossies in my flight bimble about following me, but don’t bomb the V1 site. If ordered to attack ground targets they climb to altitude and bomb flak sites

    The Thunderbolts take off from Hawkinge and just circle the airfield 😮 - don’t follow their assigned route at all…

    any thoughts? The two ground attack flights both have ground attack tasking and have attack map item advanced waypoint settings

    there's alot that could go wrong. perhaps a copy of the mission and someone could look thru it.

  5. 11 hours ago, StevanJ said:

    Combined joint task force will give you that.

    true, he's also asking for a different skin... i imagine german crew instead of british.

    not that i think most would even notice...

    for those that did notice, imagine the woe and despair.

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  6. 10 minutes ago, Reflected said:

    Active pause is not really an option when you're in a formation with several AI-s. They won't stop mid-space with you, they'll just fly away.


    I don't see how a 'hold level flight' function would be a cheat, especially if it was only available from the navigator's seat. As soon as you switch back the 'autopilot' turns off. How about that?

     i don't see why you wouldn't be able to give a new heading and altitude from the navigators seat also. you can command a wingman, why not be able to give basic instructions to the guy in the next seat?

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  7. 2 hours ago, Vander said:



    Also, please add a lower skill level to AAA so a mission designer can choose to make the mission outcome more dependent on player bombing skills than on the probability of AAA hitting you (which is now roughly > 95%)

    i don't know that skill setting for AAA in ME really has that much effect... i've only noticed reaction time and shots fired. only real way is to reduce number of heavy AAA and placing them so that they limit their firing arc and depression, by placing them by buildings, trees, lower elevations or placing static objects. then balancing it so that they aren't completely ineffective. it takes time... 

  8. 23 hours ago, AlpineGTA said:

    It's good that the navigation controls are working. It'll be good to see people start using it in this way, it could make for some cool immersive missions. Are there any servers implementing this yet?

    i can get the reciever to work in SP, but when i put the mission on server the reciever will not pickup any signals at least on the channel map.

  9. 34 minutes ago, Tarres said:

    I have no problem setting beacons in the Caucasus map, but I´m unable to setup a working beacon in a WWW2 to test the R1155 of the Mossie.


    Is it a bug or I´m missing something?



    i just spent the better part of a day doing about 8 such beacons... its a little wonky for me at least. it seems some freqs don't work, or when they do you add another beacon on different freq and either the first no longer works, or both don't. but i got 8 up and going.

    fyi i set mine to neutral, same country.

    what map you using, i did mine on channel... i have a test mission i used to try and figure it out, cause i was going crazy thinking i couldn't get it to work and then realized you have to check every beacon after you add another beacon. if they stop working you have to go back and change the freqs.

  10. 5 hours ago, Rockrend said:

    There would have been a range of navigation beacons located all over that part of England during WW2, all with different frequencies and Morse idents.  Also, each airfield would have been likely to have several navigation beacons in its vicinity at different times. You may actually find it’s easier to just setup your own. If you want the current details for airfields in 2021, the UK AIP can be found at www.caa.co.uk

    think i'll just end up placing a vehicle with an morse code first 3 letters of airfield. set up some 3 vehicles with radio music, news in england and 5 in france... gotta be careful for some reason if you place a new one on a certain freq, one or all can't be picked up on the mossie's reciever. then there seems to be a problem with the compass... even allowing for variation.

  11. 1 hour ago, AlpineGTA said:

    It's good that the navigation controls are working. It'll be good to see people start using it in this way, it could make for some cool immersive missions. Are there any servers implementing this yet?

    working on it now, wanted to make it so if later the germans could tune in too. lol

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  12. 10 hours ago, AlpineGTA said:

    Thanks for the replies, that sounds pretty cool. I haven't learnt any navigation or radio controls and I don't think they're fully functional yet anyway, so I'd be pretty useless as a navigator, but it still sounds like a fun thing to try if I can find someone willing to let me jump into their plane with them. It would make for a useful second pair of eyes to search for targets/bandits/check six etc. if nothing else.

    navigational controls work. radio transmitting stations just need to be set up in ME for the Channel and normandy maps. in SP using active pause you can get away with working the radio sets, in MP its near impossible without a second seater.

  13. 10 minutes ago, Nealius said:

    How do you set up the altitude trigger? I could only find altitude arguments for units, not groups, which would mean I would have to program it for 18+ units that may go into that zone....


    I also saw a "triggered action" for "attack group" with an "altitude above" selection, but the group dropdown only had NOTHING, so I'm not sure if that function even works.

    yes... for each. and it really slows game down. its not my perferred method, for large mutli-player. the best is placement of the AAA that blocks the line of fire on low firing aircraft and if you can't place static structures that block line of fire. its pretty time consuming... not to mention can look terrible.

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