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  1. will give it a try later today on server. thanks.
  2. i don't know that skill setting for AAA in ME really has that much effect... i've only noticed reaction time and shots fired. only real way is to reduce number of heavy AAA and placing them so that they limit their firing arc and depression, by placing them by buildings, trees, lower elevations or placing static objects. then balancing it so that they aren't completely ineffective. it takes time...
  3. i can get the reciever to work in SP, but when i put the mission on server the reciever will not pickup any signals at least on the channel map.
  4. i got it to work on channel map, but the same mission on my server doesn't work. anyone have better luck getting it to work on multiplayer or is just me?
  5. i've had problems, don't know how much was self created... but on channel map at least. i can get them to work on SP, but put the same mission on server and nothing.
  6. i just spent the better part of a day doing about 8 such beacons... its a little wonky for me at least. it seems some freqs don't work, or when they do you add another beacon on different freq and either the first no longer works, or both don't. but i got 8 up and going. fyi i set mine to neutral, same country. what map you using, i did mine on channel... i have a test mission i used to try and figure it out, cause i was going crazy thinking i couldn't get it to work and then realized you have to check every beacon after you add another beacon. if they stop working you have to go back and change the freqs.
  7. think i'll just end up placing a vehicle with an morse code first 3 letters of airfield. set up some 3 vehicles with radio music, news in england and 5 in france... gotta be careful for some reason if you place a new one on a certain freq, one or all can't be picked up on the mossie's reciever. then there seems to be a problem with the compass... even allowing for variation.
  8. are you speaking of the radio presets? what kind of mod?
  9. trying to set up nav for mossie if anyone knows the actual morse id for the airfields?
  10. trying to set up nav for mossie, rather than make up random morse code .ogg does anyone know what they were?
  11. working on it now, wanted to make it so if later the germans could tune in too. lol
  12. trying to set up a vehicle that will transmit a signal that both red and blue can hear if they are tuned in. am experimenting with Mossie and radio will recieve for direction finding to german vehicle but i can not hear the signal unless i change the vehicle to an allied nation. is there a way to make vehicle neutral that both sides can hear the transmission?
  13. navigational controls work. radio transmitting stations just need to be set up in ME for the Channel and normandy maps. in SP using active pause you can get away with working the radio sets, in MP its near impossible without a second seater.
  14. yes... for each. and it really slows game down. its not my perferred method, for large mutli-player. the best is placement of the AAA that blocks the line of fire on low firing aircraft and if you can't place static structures that block line of fire. its pretty time consuming... not to mention can look terrible.
  15. it varies, with the placement of the AA and the ground elevation you want to fly over. its trial and error...
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