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  1. I can understand that this is relevant to a flight approaching from the same azimuth or general direction> This particular instance the noe flight was on the SA battery's 3 o'clock and the launch was on a flight from the 6 oclock aspect with over 40 miles of separation. The manual seems to confuse rather than clarify (EA i know) : If a symbol has a flashing circle around it, it indicates that the radar is supporting a missile that has been launched at you. When being launched on by a radar-guided missile, you will hear a missile launch tone and the LAUNCH light to t
  2. which is what i thought, this is the confusing part.
  3. had a mission where there there was 2 f16 NOE ingress to a target with an SA10 site protecting it, RWR in the viper picks up the radar system, the lock and the missile launch warning. both vipers go defensive and into a notch and managed break lock.....however...trackview file shows that the SA10 system was tracking and launching on entirely separate target/s in the opposite direction....I'm trying to understand if the RWR differentiates between a launch on ownship (for lack of a better term) or just locks and launches in general. insights appreciated
  4. this was from a while back. in the pilot lua
  5. has this behavior been introduced recently? tankers have never called "return pre-contact" in previous versions and you could disco/reco at as much as needed with the viper aar
  6. thanks, i thought i was going crazier. Good to know I'm not the only one experiencing this
  7. had some time to investigate. looks like a keybinding issue in regards to toggle switches, and the game sensing that they were in the off state due to the position of the switch on the hotas throttle. Clearing the binding from the throttle was the answer
  8. Was trying out some of the IA for the 47, BFM, High aspect BFM, Bomber intercept and in each mission the aircraft starts with the engine generator (the switch under the gunsight gyro illuminator rotary) off and the guns are either not firing (though the AC is configured for combat) or there is no ammo loaded. Have tried some of the missions from the p47 missions list and they are functional. Just seems to be the IA stuff not working for me. Am i going crazier or have others had/having a similar experience? have run repair twice now with no change.
  9. antenna scan elevation is the usual culprit for that
  10. New Caucasus region map in rotation. see you there
  11. yes, this is a bit strange, dont know if it's intended or not
  12. How is Ramat David for you guys? It's an utter slide show for us
  13. new base maps being completed for Syria. very cool.
  14. seem like you havent loaded the images from zeens profile into the the image folder. its more a profile issue than helios. jump on zeens discord and you should be able to solve the issue
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