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  1. When I Barrel Roll, I dont get whacked. It's all that has ever worked for me. Against two Amraam wielding Fighters I can usually get close enough for an Archer shot. F Pole I ALWAYS get whacked. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Watched Ironhand's tutorial on it probably a million times, even do the exact same thing he does but the missiles magically find their mark unless I either Barrel roll or break off 30/40 Degrees and evade AMRAAMs with the RWR. Too bad this doesnt work with SAHR Missiles.
  2. Aha. Cheating AI, just like in Il-2, with a Zero pulling 20gs at 600kph. Honestly, I never really liked F-Pole, is there any other effective way? It never seems to work, even if I shoot first with a faster missile. I turn my Jammer off as soon as I'm within shooting range...
  3. I've been flying the Su-27 a lot more in 1.1, with the Added features and all. One thing I immediately noticed is that almost all Bandits use ECM. I don't know what's going on, but they're either burning through much farther away or using HOJ shots. I figure the latter, because the F-16 and F-15 will both fire at the same time. One thing that's really bugged me is missile performance, specifically the R-27RE. For the most part, I wait until I hit the 25km mark before I shoot, then either break off and keep my radar locked, or barrel roll. Honestly, It doesn't seem to matter what I do, the dam
  4. I leave my Case open... It's a Thermaltake Xazer III, I have 7 Fans in there... I fried a Video card before, and I didn't even OC it so I'm a little skeptical to try overclocking this one? With all Those Fans(Four Point directly at the GPU/CPU), is it worth a shot? I'm getting gradual performance increases with every little tweak. I'm gonna set AA/AF to 2x and see what happens.
  5. Ok, I've been able to get up to around 25fps regularly. However, any more than 10 Aircraft kills it. What's more, I think my entire computer is slowing down. When I went to go check my AA/AF there was a 2 second delay from when I right clicked to the menu appearing... Checked processes and there's a massive amount of crap running in the backround... almost all of it looks to be spyware... just ran adaware a week ago... I don't think it works very well. Should I try and find the registries manually and delete them? Or do I need to go hunting in the nether-regions of my hard drive to delete all
  6. How exactly do I check AA/AF? Heat Blur has never been a problem... even with my old card I got NO hit whatsoever. I can't play without advanced haze, that's one of the things that has to stay. I'll try bumping up the res a bit too. Also, I increased the Graphics Aperture size from 64 to 256mb... will see what that does momentarily. I did install 1.1 over a fresh 1.0. That's when the problems started. Just got the new nVIDIA drivers as well.
  7. Basic Haze is absolutely DISCUSTING compared to advanced in Hazy weather. I dont know how to check my AA/AF settings, but I know they're lowish, just by looking at the graphics. There's got to be some other problem. I want to try it with a fresh windows install, but really don't have the time nor patience.
  8. I got my new Video Card, a 6600. I just reinstalled Lomac and 1.1, and am getting even worse FPS than I had been getting before. Close to the ground in the Su-25T I'm lucky to get 10FPS. In other aircraft at Altitudes 25 is a stretch. Whenever there is radio chatter it freezes for about a second. Settings are as follows: Terrain: Medium Textures: High Effects: High Water: Medium Vis Range: Medium Preload: 100k Res: 1024x768 Shadows: Full Planar Lights: All Haze: Adv Heat Blur: On And My System... AMD Athalon XP 3000+ 1024mb RAM GeForce 6600 A7V8X-X Motherboard Why a
  9. I'm not asking about Lomac, I'm asking about the Real Russian Airforce.
  10. In a real ejection though, you black out. Would be pretty cool.
  11. I asked over at the Ubi board, but no one seemed to know, so I figured i'd ask here. American(NATO?) aircraft give a call of 'Fox 1', 2, 3 when firing a missile and 'Guns Guns Guns' when firing their cannon. What do Russians say over the Radio when they fire a missile or their guns? ...And also, will these be in Flaming Cliffs?
  12. You misunderstand. The Su-27 that we have does not have the capability to fire that missile. the N001 Radar cannot take the R-77...
  13. When I use the AIM-120 and AIM-7 in the F-15, I time my launches to the second, in the Flanker I have to Guesstimate... However, if you need ARH Missiles to counter the AMRAAM, you need more practice. Russians have gigantic long sticks, US has ARH Missile... balanced already. Only difficulty vs a normal missile is you have to fry your target earlier and then beam so it can't see you on it's own.. ARH Missiles also show up on the RWR, and if you know where it's coming from you can dodge it, the RWR does the timing for you. As far as I'm concerned, the most important NATO Aircraft that we do
  14. No... What I do want, though, is a Time to Active Timer on the MiG-29S... There has to be one in the Avionics of the real thing...
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