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    Jus a grab from a video
  2. Jeff Carrier Ops Ok the Jeff is practically carrier qualified! :D see the below video, the guy lands, re-arms and takes off with full weight. If you guys are ever in a mission where carrier ops is necessary, u can still use the trusty Jeff for that :D
  3. Nigeria has also bought 3 JF-17 Block 2(Serial # NAF-720, NAF-721, NAF-722) which are ready and user testing in Pakistan has started. The will be delivered in November. Nigeria had inked a contract to purchase three JF-17 Block II fighter jets and the deal was formally set in motion in March 2019 when the Pakistani government's Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) approved a $184.3 million sovereign guarantee covering the delivery of three PAC/CAC JF-17 Thunder fighter jets to the Nigerian Air Force.
  4. Look at this little guy rubbing shoulders with Giants :D
  5. Yes exactly. I just started doing some research on J-7, and man there are literally hundred variants. There a separate page on its variants in wiki :D. However i read that the Chinese did install a radar in J-7G, in the Bangladeshi ones its called KLJ-6. "J/F-7G series is the further development of earlier J-7E series. Contrary to many frequent but erroneous claims, the fire control radar is not the Chinese development of EL/M-2001B radar, because EL/M-2001B is a pulse Doppler ranging only radar.[64] Instead, the Chinese fire control radar for J-G is developed from EL/M-2032 fire control r
  6. Yeah that would be prudent. The main takeaway is that they managed to retain the same fuel capacity. Weight would have increased probably, that is if it has not been compensated by using lighter composites.
  7. Did you see the part about the Bravos tail? they have made a fuel cell in the tail, to make up for the fuel loss due to the second seat. Interesting right? Never knew the tail can also store fuel!
  8. The Radar in PAF's PGs is Italian, it is specific to PAF. I am not sure about Chinese or Bangladeshi or other countries J-7s.
  9. Major Improvements More powerful WP-13 Engine, improvement in acceleration time from 500 kph to 1100 kph and an equally impressive time-to-climb to 36,000 AMSL. More powerful Grifo-MG radar with better ECCM, look-down and shoot-down capabilities than its predecessor Grifo-Mk-II. The number of targets can be tracked simultaneously increased from the original 4 of the Grifo-Mk-II to a total of 8 of the Grifo-MG. Regarding modern avionics upgrades these included a Stores Management System, which is essentially a useful cockpit-pilot interface to help establish the status of stores including conf
  10. I believe this is a video of PAF F-7PG simulator, it may be a bit different from J-7 im nt sure, but it looks good though:
  11. Brother i would suggest you rename this thread if possible to JF-17 tips & tricks or tactics, tht way it would be sort of an tactics information pool abt the Jeff :)
  12. One thing i saw with CM802 AKG, the man-in-the-loop variant which made it very very effective in anti shipping role: When the AKG is launched, the mfcd on which it timer etc is, theres a button on the left labelled CRS. If you press it, it instantly gives you control of the missile, even before the distance countdown of 10nm. You can control the missile and bring it down to as low as possible just over the water. This way it is really low from a pretty far distance from a ship and the ships defenses cannot shoot it down. Do try it guys, ive seen it used to a very good effect. I think this t
  13. Yes you're right, i stand corrected, was just wondering on the reasons LD-10 aren't intercepted while LS-6s are.
  14. You wont find open source to confirm figures for RCS of JF-17, at least not yet, most would be guesstimates. As per my information (which i cannot substantiate with a source) the RCS of JF-17's first prototype was 2.6m2 (the one with splitter plate intakes), which was further reduced in the final product, with reduction of 30% rcs just by the DSI intake. You cannot just look at a fighter and calculate its RCS. F-16A has RCS of 5m2, F-16C has lower RCS than that while both have essentially the same shape! F/A-18 E/F has even lower RCS than f-16C, even though it is aerodynamically dirtier than t
  15. Type 052c Destroyer issue I don't know if its reported earlier or not, but the Type 052C Destroyer, destroys its self while firing cruise missiles. Watch the below clip timestamp (01:10:00)
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