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  1. In the mission editor, you can set time and date as described above. I've noted in 1.02 (and confirmed in 1.1) that sunrise and sunset occur four minutes earlier each day every day. This ultimately causes day and night to be reversed in missions set on days around 150 or 200. I doubt the original problem was caused by being set on a day in that range or anywhere near it, as I think all the default missions are set on day 001 as are all the campaigns; if the latter are multiday, they'd probably go no later than day 015. So set the time to 1300, the day to 001, and hit okay.
  2. It's not stealth attributes that preclude the F-22 and F-35, it's just that these planes are too new and too classified to get enough data. I basically feel there should be a NATO carrier aircraft if there is a Russian carrier aircraft, so that would opt for the F-18 over the F-16 unless the Su-33 was dropped (and let's not do that). But if we're going to do real carrier air battles, let's get a better theater. Maybe the Norwegian Sea or how about the Indian Ocean, adding India as one of the countries (oh, but then you'd have to model those Indian missiles with their uber-ranged booster
  3. I haven't had a chance to test this yet, but I'd imagine turning off ECM within range of a launched HOJ missile will result in radar lock and the missile will convert accordingly and still target you. There is a line in the readme that implies that if you then turn ECM back on before burn through range, the missile will go ballistic.
  4. I have good reason to beleive BritGliderPilot did not climb at a pitch of more than 30 degrees, so at least 86% of his TAS would go towards closing the horizontal separation between the planes. In addition, his target was almost certainly flying towards him. No way could the separation be increasing. So why does he do better with lock if he doesn't cliimb?
  5. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: I win!!!
  6. If I am flying an F-15 due north, and get locked by a Sue that is dead ahead, flying south. I can break the lock by turning east. This puts the Sue at 9 oclock on my TEWS. If I continue east, the Sue (assuming it remains north of the original lock point and keeps flying south) will drift to 8 oclock on the TEWS. I will reappear on the Sue's radar long before I fly out of its scan zone. But if I gradually turn so that the Sue remains at 9 oclock, I will eventually fly out of the scan cone at a course of 60 degrees (assuming the Sue keeps scanning straight ahead) and not reappear.
  7. My understanding is beaming is putting the threat at your three or nine oclock position; the threat could be enemy radar or an incoming missile (RH or IR, much of the reasons remain the same). Notching a doppler radar means eliminating the doppler shift or your radar return. This just happens to be done by beaming. In LOMAC, notching seems much more effective if one is lower than the radiating aircraft.
  8. Is this 1200 - 1400 IAS? This is Mach 1 at low altitude only. At high altitude, Mach is a much lower speed IAS (and I think TAS as well) so this would be Mach 2.5 at very high altitudes.
  9. So if an F-15 is engaged head-on with an Su-27, and the Sue fires first and F-poles, rather than placing the Sue at 3 oclock on the TEWS, the F-15 should turn so that the Sue flies left to right on his radar screen, and get lower. The Sue should notice the F-15 start to turn and alter his F-pole to put the F-15 on the other edge. Might the Sue want to fly a course so that the notching course keeps it out of the F-15's radar?
  10. I tend not to like the idea of naming a multi-platform simulation after one of them, and understand there are complex legal issues with "Lock On." So... Tactical Fighters
  11. Sounds like it's possible in real life, but not practical in LOMAC until the Ka-50 or ground units with lazing ability are added.
  12. DedCat, next time you're in the F-15, look in the lower left of your HUD. When you fire a radar missile, a new line will appear counting time down. If you fired an AMRAAM, an "M" will precede the countdown, and there will be two countdowns; one till activation and one till impact. An AIM-7 will have one countdown, preceded by "T".
  13. That'll work! Thanks. :prayer: But I still think there should be an unknown color, and editable range at which labels change color from unknown to red or blue.
  14. It's deja-vu all over again! Please see reply in my "versitile labels" thread.
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