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  1. Thank you for asking. Because I came to this forum and specifically this thread to learn from people like you but I found what looked like at the moment like someone having a valid complain and getting barraged with information rather than being convinced that he's actually wrong by demonstration. Which is exactly why I took a few days to even look back at the thread. In summary I think I was VERY confused and made the wrong call and ended up making accusations that simply did a disservice to my learning. To be honest I got too invested in the argument and forgot to look at the bigger pi
  2. You can't get rid of people, only change their minds. If you're gonna tell Russians to go suck a fat one might as well go play Flight Simulator and stop playing DCS to be consequent with what you're saying. And don't worry, in 20 years or less you'll be the one making up conspiracy theories and calling people "totalitarian" even when they politely disagree with you because they can't entertain them, after all there's a reason for everything. That is, if you don't manage to leave the environment that'll make you do so first and "forget" about it. As for the assets it must be because
  3. Is not cryptic when you know. I get the gist though, same idea that I had but with fuel not air. Thanks! P.S. I just reread my original post, that had a few critical mistakes. I need to stop posting so late :S Thanks again! Well, I like to stall on purpose at 18,000 ft :D. I do remember that this behavior was already in place on LOCK ON or Flanker 2.0
  4. Ok, my bad. That was bad language, I totally EXAGGERATED that statement. What I meant is that things have to remain competitive before they remain realistic because before being a simulator this is a game and the number one psychological rule of gaming is that each member plays so they can play again and again, they have to be able to win and have fun at some point. They need a reward that entices them to keep coming back. My CENTRAL point since I saw this thread has been that regardless of everyone's level of knowledge, opinion, psychological state, blindness, ignorance, arrogance
  5. Love your pic, thanks! Well either Antivirus was the cause, which leads me to think the way this "keyboard emulator" thing is a security hole (shouldn't be injecting commands across programs which SHOULD trigger AV) or the fact that I had the X-52 installed and some of the "keyboard" and "mouse" hardware emulator components from it weren't uninstalled when I uninstalled it. Once I went with a fine tooth comb everything started working. The X-56 DEFINITELY has Electromagnetic Compatibility problems, starting with COMMON MODE rejection, but those can be fixed by re-arranging
  6. Do you know the first thing about human Psychology? Science is quite reductionist about it, which is why Scientists SUCK at Humanities and except for its precursors really don't study them. As Oswald Spengler said in the 1920s, study science and technology because humanities are dead in this dying civilization. Nothing to do with trolling, just trying to KEEP playing a game for fun. Nobody really GIVES a CRAP about "facts" and evidence here, if they did they'd all go flight real planes. They just want to play a game that they can continue to keep playing and having fun with it. When you
  7. The way I see it, you have a game balancing issue you're going to have to deal with sooner or later, Simulator or no Simulator, because of human psychology. Period. You might lose customers but given the response here and the percentages I'd say it'll follow Pareto's 80/20 rule at worst. But anyhow I strongly suggest you get your Product management department to do some reading on Game Psychology. Everything else is noise.
  8. Controls systems are one thing, digital computers that EMULATE control systems are another and there were very powerful specialized analog computers.
  9. What you fail to understand is that you're talking to someone from a COMPLETELY different culture than yours that barely knows how to put words in English together and yet, ALL OF YOU, expect him to think the exact same way you already do. Which is at the very least, taking things for granted. When you grew up in a real totalitarian environment CONTROL does exist, or the appearance of it, so your mind goes to blame those in power AUTOMATICALLY. Freedom is a two side sword. Would you ask a Martian to eat pasta with a Fork or with a Spoon? Why do you expect a Slav to behave and thi
  10. Why is it that EVERY Westener that reads this guy's post think's he's thinking about conspiracies? The guy literally reports what happens and then they call him crazy. I'm seriously starting to consider moving next to an ex gulag. It's getting scary over in the West. Ironic no? They've been brainwashed too much. Hey, at least this guy was respectful, should've seen the first guy.
  11. Then if the F-15 behaves crappily like the Su-27 does this has nothing to do with the "side" but with what always talks, MONEY. "Simpler" models don't get "upgraded", 80 USD models do. End of the story. No need to take "sides" here. I haven't seen the first "realistic" Russian ASF in DCS yet and I doubt I will until 2030 after the Su-57 takes over. If we get there. The only problem with it is that ED is for SOME reason ignoring the very basics of Gaming Psychology and this is a game after all. When the BIG RAT always beats the small rat the small rat won't play anymore. Telling someo
  12. Oh geez, you never heard about gaming balancing? What is the point of releasing ONE SIDE of the story without releasing another to compete? Do you know anything about game psychology? And then they say ruskies are the tyrannical ones... Your assumption about what he's saying is also completely absurd. Military Gaming simulation in the "West" has been dead for a while now and everyone who's been around before Janes knows ED is a Russian company. There's no way your conspiracy theory makes sense. All so you can complain about somebody else complaining when all they are doing is reporting wh
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