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  1. They're under the UI Controls submenu in DCS Settings || Controls VR Zoom and Spyglass zoom are for VR
  2. Hi xSCHIZO45 To turn off the "Crew HUD " A.K.A. CREW STATUS WINDOW Under controls : AI Panel Show/Hide Default Key: LWin + H Extra: To see WEAPON STATUS / AUTO PILOT MODE INDICATOR Under Controls: Knee Board Glance Default Key: k
  3. Thanks virusAM. Yes definitely was Stable 2.5.6. I will get a track in next 24hrs
  4. This is just a suggestion to help our OP until this is implemented for the OP. Example work around for you: You could assign 4 buttons on your throttle as 4 different modifiers in DCS. (Controls menu has place to assign modifiers). Modifiers allow you to HOLD down one button (Left hand) and click another button (right hand). Kind of like with Shift+C, Ctrl+C, LAlt+P ---- the LAlt, Ctrl & Shift keys are the MODIFIER in these cases. Using the Modifier: If you use NO MODIFIER, then your HAT Switch still has it's normal 8 functions. Then Hold one modifier down on the throttle...
  5. Basic functionality loss of A/A Radar in STABLE 2.5.6 version here. Number of bars in search For no apparent reason number of bars selection goes 2,4,6,9,11,12,13,14,15,16, etc up to 176+. How to fix that without re-spawning new a/c? I'm using using Cannon & AIM120C & AIM9x How to fix this in-flight? Radar elevation stuck For no apparent reason Radar elevation gets stuck and cannot be adjusted. DDI RESET button doesn't fix this. How to fix this in-flight? These issues weren't happening in 2.5.5. Now in 2.5.6 Stable, these problems occur. Happens every flig
  6. Would seem like a 33% boost, not 10% :smartass: Subbed to this thread for future reference/testing.
  7. Washed out: The new lighting effects in 2.5.6 are quite different. Try knocking down your gamma in DCS a few points, you can adjust while playing in game. (I had to go down a touch) But the new lighting effects makes the trees look a bit more realistic at dawn/dusk. And agree, a little more washed out in the bright daylight.
  8. I had found both these settings change the look of the trees: -Visible Range -Trees Visibility My settings -Visible Range HIGH -Trees Visibility 100% And never saw low-def trees in 2.5.5 (at least they were just out of my perceivable range) You could try that to reduce the problem somewhat. The Trees Visibility % is easy to experiment with because you can change the slider while in game and see the results while changing the slider. Do this one first and make a mental note what changes in the trees. Visibly range changes requires restart. Now with the problem seemingly worse in
  9. @nielsenjan Same issue for me in VR. The worst part was the server connect prompt. I turned off Auto Connect prompt here to fix that: Much better. Can't figure how to disable the windows security prompt, but I just make sure to start SRS before starting DCS. There is probably a way to allow windows to run it without prompt.
  10. My point being, it (trees) was okay-ish in OB before it went to stable this month. Then a big difference appeared when we went stable - as pointed out by our OP lwalter But thanks for pointing out it has been reported.
  11. Before the last Stable release the betas were having big FPS issues over April/May/June. Then the last beta came and went stable (2.5.6) It was at this exact time I also noticed the tree models at the medium distance range (viewed at low altitude) became simpler LOD (level of detail) and look more ugly. Also the near/close range Trees viewed at about 2000ft altitude also have distracting constant pop-in/pop-out. Very disappoint. I make sure all new releases/betas I delete all fxo/metashaders2 files in user files and let them rebuild. ....AND also I delete core shaders - "C:\Program Files\E
  12. Probably won't get noticed.... (But since you mentioned this replay features thread) We need ability to turn off replay (track file) saving from the settings menu. I turn it off myself (In the hope to get a little less stutter in VR) using autoexec.bat, but most computer illiterate peeps wouldn't get that far into modifying config files. Not that newbs need to disable track saving to stop jitter... (that's another topic) Case example: I had a guy I met in DCS that ran out of main SSD space even though he had DCS on a separate data drive. Someone else helped him do this because h
  13. When i owned Oculus Rift-S, I was never able to change the PD in Oculus Tray Tools while DCS was running, always had to restart DCS. It's the same in Reverb/Steam VR as well. The VR Resolution must be changed before you start DCS. Some games can handle on the fly PD changes, I guess DCS cannot. Some other games follow the same principle. I also I found the hot keys for changing ASW On/Off/forced 80/forced 40 very useful in DCS. Ctrl + Numpad 1, Numpad 2, Numpad 3, Numpad 4 That way I could change the setting and not need to leave DCS focus and keep an eye on the DCS frame counters
  14. Totally noticed this changed as well when the FPS issues plaguing beta 2.5.6 these last few months were addressed and beta went into stable 2.5.6.
  15. Thanks @zaelu The keyword here was "Select Radio" I jumped back in the Hornet and noticed one of the radios has an Asterisk "*" next to it. So to transmit using SRS hotkey PTT works right away by default. Then I took special notice in the Huey, there is no Asterisk at all. Aha! moment. I binded and then pressed "Next Radio" hotkey and then an Asterisk appears next to the selected radio and I can now transmit using SRS hotkey.
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