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  1. Still awaiting this eagerly. Who knows what the Mk2 will break..
  2. RESOLVED- Own Error. Inadvertent selection of APU Fire T Handle while making selections on UFC. Hello, I have had the APU cut out on the ground after approx 10 minutes during preflight preparations. Random Failures is Off. Track is included.
  3. If this were true, surely everything would be too bright for those users, not just DCS? Its very noticeable on Caucasus. It looks like a really hot high pressure day, even when its clearly not.
  4. Hi Bignewy, yes it was the one just before 13-1-0. Sorry I cant remember the precise number but the campaign has already cycled through to the next mission. I was in mission for probably about 1.5 hours and had RTB'd once already to refuel/rearm. Perhaps my letting it run on a bit while I did my commanding ground forces over the target area was to blame. The inclusion of combined arms does add richly to the immersion though.
  5. Really am getting quite excited about this. Its looking absolutely superb and will enhance immersion massively!
  6. Wasnt sure where to post this so apologies if this is the wrong thread. Came across these AI on my taxi in during the Georgian Hammer campaign. Destroy HQ just north of Sukhumi was the tasking.. Immersion suspended at that point..
  7. Sunscreen

    ADI error

    Noticed that too. Prob worth opening a thread.
  8. Theres a few switches that have reversed- Canopy Open/Close is another.. same IFFCC switch.
  9. EDIT- Already reported and solved "internally". Apologies for the duplicate thread. As above- The radio presets 2-5 are not displaying in the VHF AM radio window, despite the preset frequencies cycling through SRS correctly (but only by using a keybind- manually clicking on the preset channel selector wheel does not change frequency or the displayed channel number between 2-5).
  10. Looks superb! Subbed and standing by..
  11. "when I started up a training mission the buttons did not seem to function." In training missions I think some buttons are inhibited to stop you ruining the mission. I think he even says something along those lines in the dialogue? Try one of the quick missions. Stick with it- they'll be a simple explanation. Take it from me- its well worth the money once you start exploring the capabilities of the machine with a HOTAS.
  12. Yes, its only effective sometimes. Rarely, in fact. :(
  13. +1 In my case I have to alternately flick back and forth between White Hot and Black Hot to try and wake it up which sometimes works. Also any missile or bomb impacts causes my TGP to white out like its over-exposed. I don't know if this is intended behaviour or not. I will try and upload a track later..
  14. Health Warning- the following is all speculation and not based on real world experience. The wordage of 'wind corrected' might be misleading. The tail kit is potentially only guiding the weapon to the target point and correcting for that, not for the spread of submunitions once deployed. This leads me to my main point- I wouldn't mind betting that a lot of people are not employing the weapon correctly. If dropped from high altitude the ballistic trajectory will reduce the footprint. People are compensating for this by raising the HoF. Instead it should be employed in a relatively threat free
  15. I'm getting in several hours a day since the day job got the pause button with covid. Flying around in that beautiful a10c is about the only thing keeping me sane.. spending 15 mins in an orbit lining up ducks then pew pew pew BRRRTTTT makes all the stresses melt away for a few blissful hours. You're doing good work, and its appreciated :joystick:
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