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  1. It's called being a SPAMMER. ps. YES this could be considered spam as well.
  2. Such as? It's just sitting here next to my desk. It's not like its going to turn into a deadly weapon and chop my head o aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa /Disconnected
  3. Holy.. I'm so embarassed. I was using the recalled version of the disk. The working disk was stashed away in a pile of white disk envelopes. Now it works, sorry everyone!
  4. Hello, Ive bought the US copy of Lock on Gold, by evolved games. I want to know if there will be a new version of the 1.11 patch designed for my version or not, since the discs i have are different. I contacted starforce about it not letting me play the game, but they told me ED has told them to stop giving out activations. Will some one please tell me what is going to happen? Thanks in advance.
  5. wait wait what the **** are you talking about i said i didnt buy the motherboard, where did you get i got the cards for free? HAHA i got the x850s from the money i got from selling the x800s, which i bought for 800 dollars of my hard earned money. now youre just twisting reality and forgetting things that i told you to make me look bad, tsk tsk.
  6. im going to sleep, i dont have to argue about this any longer and if youre done with your "nub" comments id appreciate it if youd **** off. thanks
  7. lol you basically said nothing in that post.... i did say i have raid 0 raptors (i remember specifically saying this) anyways i said i didnt buy it so what are you crying about now? ive given you ps-ATI xpress IS dual channel MORON, shows how much you know about the hardware you say i dont own...
  8. LOL, DUDE you must be even more ignorant than i thought, every motherboard with 4 ram slots has 2 slots of a different color, which tells which connects to which so you can put identical sticks of ram in the same color. anyways in all of your searching you forgot to quote where i said i had RAID 0 raptors, so conveniently. bottom line = youre wrong PS-Your grammar sure begins to deteriorate when you are in a tight corner doesnt it?
  9. theres one thing that bothers me, how can they NOT know that all of the activations buzz had used were on the same computer? When i bought the FC cd from bestbuy i emailed them asking to activate the game, and they immediately knew my user name on the system and my system specs. i think thats proof enough that youre not doing anything illegal, they should give you a new serial.
  10. Lol in all your rush to humiliate me your vision suffered. No there are no Memory sticks in there (dont tell me i took the picture) and that hard drive is my storage drive not my Raptors, dipshit. listen, im sorry i have a better system than you and you thought i was bragging but thats just not the case, youre just a baffoon ive proved i own it and you just dont want to believe me. case closed.
  11. No, youre the one spreading incorrect information. Lock On downloaded version DOES have a usage limitation, and it is one of the most Basic usages there are, the ability to install the program. The only reason you should not be able to install any piece of softare is if you do not own the software or your license is already being used some where else. Im going to be sensible and say that Buzz does not have 15 computers, so he got screwed by giving ED money instead of buying it in stores.
  12. Buzz, the only thing I can recommend is for you to go out and buy the hard copy of FC on CD. If you live in the US it should be out in your area for about 29.99 or less because ive seen it in bargain bins. This version has infinite activations and wont get lost in a HD failure (maybe a fire lol). Most importantly, its from a different publisher so i dont think your money will be going to eagle dynamics, rather to them.
  13. no doubt that youre being sarcastic, but as i said before this is a picture of while i was building the computer, thats why theres no hard drive or RAM inside. open it up in a photo viewer and zoom in if you want lol its pretty clear if you ask me.
  14. this is the pic i took while installing the 850's. sorry for the poor quality but i only had a webcam handy PS-No im not a reviewer i just know some one who is.
  15. that or mr. "i take on every forum post i write like my college term paper" seriously, you can't (OOOH I USED AN APOSTROPHE) get any lower than insulting some one on their grammar skills, give me a break. i was only joking around anyways.
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