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  1. Request time adjustment . It should be similar to the ARMA series. The weather time is independent. Other units just follow the task time of the game, so the task time of the game still follows the time of the editor. And I can directly use the code to modify the weather time in the game without affecting the game mission time. thanks.
  2. Seems to be related to layers
  3. Great project, there is a suggestion, can it be made into a mod type? You can also set the button while checking whether the installation is successful .
  4. I did this, I did it successfully in the old version, but now the new version is still unsuccessful.
  5. The cause of the problem has been found When Res. of Cockpit Displays is selected as 256, the MAV interface will not display the cross
  6. Modifying the MFD color will cause the MAV window to be abnormal Is it impossible to modify the color now?
  7. How to set up a game Administrator? I added this post, but there are always strange players going up to mess around with units. Is there any way to set the specified ID to log in?
  8. Hello everyone I used this mod to directly overwrite the files in the game directory and can be used, but it has not been used since the update last year. Now, I want to reuse it. I use OvGME but cannot activate it. Can anyone teach me? Or whether there is video teaching now ?
  9. But now the low frequency sounds will inadvertently make me irritable. You can use your phone to detect him, play two F16 pre-update and post-update flight videos, and then block the speaker with your finger. The tsunami sound isolated at this time is similar to aim-9. Before and after the comparison, I found that the sound became louder after 2.7. I found that the sound is fixed in the middle of the headset and does not move with the head any changes, even the size of the engine are still fixed audio. I asked other people and got the same experience feedback as this audio.
  10. Thanks for your feedback. Despite the electronic navigation function, I think that without a map, this can give players the right to choose NS430 to view the map.
  11. The readability during the day is poor, and the maximum brightness adjustment is still a bit insufficient. I only dare to turn on a light at night because it is too bright and it has overflowed. I don't understand why it is so polarized.
  12. Why cancel the NS430 of F-16 ? this is obviously illogical ! F-16C bl.50 has no MAP and canceled NS430, can I only look at the coordinates ? I know that I can manually modify the NS430 file, but I cannot pass the online verification !
  13. Where is it autoexec.cfg? I just found it autoexec.lua
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