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  1. TAW_Dyren F-15 I have supercarrier
  2. TAW_Dyren Blue - F16 Supercarrier: Yes
  3. Doesnt mean Dracunos that it couldnt be bugged. Maybe it is bugged and it actually does matter which setting you have it on when trying to replicate. Papa could you try and replicate with TGT size medium and small?
  4. Hey people, I'm quite late with bringing up this "issue", but I couldnt find any topics on it so i decided to start a new one. When the viper released, (and a couple of months after that as well) you we're able to go to the selective jettison page > select the stations you want to jettison (for example 2 wing tanks) and then go back to your master mode that you wanted to use. When you would then go back to your S-J page, your pre-set stations would still be selected and you could quickly jettison them with WPN release and go back to your main master mode. This greatly increases efficiency in combat, because you dont have to select the stations yourself. This has been removed. I have no active memory of reading in any patch notes that it has been removed, so i'm assuming this is a bug that no-one ever brought up. If real life experts could maybe comment on wether the above described is intended behaviour? Or if the current implementation is correct. kind regards, Simon
  5. Just tested upping the SS slider to 2800x2800, and ill never do that again. Its a massive performance hog. Without any visual difference. I noticed sligtly less shimmering in the distance. But thats it. Definitely not worth the 10-20fps performance drop. Nothing really changed in terms of visual clarity, i could still read the NOSE UP on the trim button of the F-16 stick with no issue, it didnt even seem like it changed. Just put it to 2160x2160 and you're all good.
  6. No, it is not gone. But from going from a 1440p WMR headset, this is barely noticable. Since i was already used to the big amount of shimmering in my old headset. I'll try today if its completely eliminated by turning on MSAA. I would say its more than fine, its about the same as on my flat screen.
  7. Its pretty long, but im sure its a good read. I hope people enjoy :) HP reverb G2 first impressions by Simon.docx
  8. My friend you have your preload radius on 100%, which is choking your ram... This is what causes your stuttering. For dcs you need at least 32gb. Also you have your visib range and water on high which completely kills vr performance. put your visib range on medium (so you can still see airfields) and water on low or medium. I can get smooth 30 fps reprojection on Growling Sidewinders with my rtx 2060. On a higher resolution HMD (1440px1440p WMR headset). And 60 fps on more optimized multiplayer servers. You can do this too :)
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