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  1. They've gathered experience with their previous module, they don't have to start from scratch anymore. As far as they have all the needed docs for this bird I'm not that concerned about the time it will need to get a flyable A/G platform like the F15E.
  2. Lots of Raz F15E footage in the last ED video. Can't wait to fly it
  3. They have not showed a video yet of the system working so it would be crazy to open the pre-order next month. But we can expect a video soontm
  4. I was just trying to look at it and see if there were new stuff on the pipeline I hope it's temporary.
  5. It has been fixed in stable, at least not in our end.
  6. @lambo93 We switched back to stable after the issue we got with the ob and I can confirm the same problem. The problem must come from ED's central server.
  7. It's still does not work as intended on the stable branch so it's not solved in 2.5 The problem clearly come from their main server. Whatever I try to run, the information is not send correctly to their platform so the mission does not change. Prior of the released of the 2.7, the web gui worked correctly.
  8. We even get back from OB to stable because of this bug. Even with a fresh install on the stable, we have to deal with this bug:
  9. I can confirm the same problem on our dedicated server!
  10. I do agree with you @Weasel, teasing an other new module while lots of them are already in the pipeline is awkward. I guess we are always unhappy about something
  11. I'm glad to hear that the coding has restarted for the Mudhen.
  12. Like you, it's mapped on an axis of my TWCS but it's still very sensitive.
  13. They probably work with external 3d artists for some of their work, like Metal2Mesh. It would make more senses.
  14. Superb liveries. The Viggen ones are really outstanding!
  15. Some of us were expecting a release early this year but it seems that the module was put on hold.
  16. I guess you'll have to wait the next stable update to get it. It can be long since the last update was not too far out.
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