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  1. Currently if you own FC3 it gives you the option to choose the menu theme for FC3 as a whole, if you want the specific menu theme of the F-15C you will have to buy the F-15 separately. I would love if ownership of FC3 gave you access to the FC3 theme and the themes of the individual modules within.
  2. Wait, what is that? Where was it? A file in the DCS folder?
  3. There's multiple ways to interpret this. One could be- "There's something we are cooking up for the Marianas (AI Asset), but it isn't the Su-30" Or it could be- "Our module is going to fit into the Marianas, and it won't be the Su-30"
  4. Semi-Agree with your first point. About your second point, I'm not sure if these laws extend to simple SFM AI aircraft? The only thing that would be hard to find info on would be missile data, but the flight performance of the Su-27SM is identical to the baseline Su-27, all ED would need to do to add an Su-27SM is to simply give an R-77 and guided air to ground munitions to the already existing Su-27 (The only major external model change would be a slight change to the position of the IRST). I doubt Russia is so secretive to the point where they won't allow simple AI aircraft.
  5. We all know that one of the core issues with DCS is that there is simply no REDFOR analogue for the various 4th gen multirole US fighters such as the Hornet, Viper and upcoming Typhoon. However, according to ED themselves, most DCS players play on singleplayer, so I ask- Why not create modern REDFOR A.I assets? Su-27SMs, Su-35s, MiG-29Ks, Su-30SMs..... For some of these, you don't even need to create new 3d models, the Su-27SM can literally just be the current Su-27 that can use air to ground guided munitions, and the R-77. Of course, modern missiles s
  6. No, it's not that. It's just that it randomly happens when I keep my plane in a roll for an extended time. I play with a mouse and keyboard, so it may be a glitch specific to that.
  7. Has always been an issue for me in the Su-27/Su-33. The aircraft will randomly for no reason at all do a full trim to one side, putting me into an uncontrollable aileron roll.
  8. Hopefully yeah, but I heard somewhere that Chinese pilots actually use English in the air, so it might be in English. I'm fine with anything, but would prefer a Russian cockpit.
  9. Привет, это может быть немного непонятно, так как я использую Google Translate, я не знаю реального русского языка. Я хотел задать несколько вопросов, извинения, если их задавали раньше. 1: Я знаю, что R-27ER в DCS точен, по вашему мнению, но насколько хорошо смоделирован R-77? 2: Используется ли в настоящее время Р-37 с Су-35? Я знаю, что он стоит на вооружении МиГ-31, но я читал противоречивые статьи о том, использует ли его Су-35. Спасибо!
  10. Are you saying that anyone who likes modern FBW driven computer aircraft should go play MAC instead, and that the only planes with any "character" are older ones from the 70s? Really?
  11. IIRC, the Su-27SM3 didn't get cancelled. It got cease and desist(ed).
  12. I think its an F-22, think about it! Milestone- A full fidelity stealth aircraft is definitely a milestone. Extremely Complex- Stealth Mind Melter- I'd say an F-22 is mind melting, other guesses such as the Rafael and Gripen are hardly what you would call mind melting, they would simply be yet another 4th gen multirole. The only argument against the F-22 is that its too classified, but ED already has a good relation with the US military, the F22 itself entered service 15 years ago, and many other countries such as Russia and China have their own stealth fighter programs. If it w
  13. Would it be a challenge to fly? Sure. Would it be brainmelting? Hell yes. Would it be modern? Duh. It is a viable candidate, however the fact that it is a rotary wing aircraft means that sales would be low comapred to, lets say a mig 31bsm (ed plz) or a f117 nighthawk (also ed plz). Thats why I dont see it happening.
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