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  1. Flaps to Half and Gear Down. ATC engaged will keep on speed AOA for the glide slope you are at the moment you press the button. You can adjust slope by pulling or pushing the stick (trim does not work for me)
  2. Just started Dogfight instant mission and found out I couldn't pitch. Went to the axis and it is marked red. I tried to reassign everything but it won't work. Any hints?
  3. Seems the same thing it happens to me every time I restart my PC. Pause game, Unplug device, wait the relative upper right prompt and plug it back. Do a full rotation on the axes and double check their functionality on the adjust control menu. Unplugging and pluggin back should solve the "stuck" roll. It could be related to what we asked for here
  4. You could use waypoints advanced actions to set ROE for the AI unit. You set ROE to "WEAPON HOLD" on WP 0 and "WEAPON FREE" on the WP you want them to enter the defined area. On that same WP, I usually place an "Engage Unit" action targeting my aircraft too.
  5. Syria will not destroy your rig when loading if you do that from an NVMe
  6. Just upgraded my ssd from 250 to 1TB. PG, NTTR and Syria here, maps take the largest space on disk.
  7. IIRC, Nellis always gives me instruction to taxi and T.O. from runway 3 Right, but it won't tell me which one to land on. Should I use 21L or R in this case?
  8. I have a 36 element on-off-on switch matrix that works fine, no diodes involved, the only delay is due to the fact that, when switching from low to high, DCS animations stuck the virtual switch in the middle position (e.g. M2000 lights). So, don't go too fast and follow the cockpit. I use this trick to make them work. I wired up an Arduino Leonardo, so my box is recognized as a controller, don't know how it will work with DCS BIOS.
  9. Bump. One of the most enjoyable modules to fly and fight with, it's a pity it's unplayable under common circumstances (clouds, ground clutter). Last night I ended up leaving it aside until this problem will be sorted out. I really hope this will be fixed asap.
  10. Super Cap is there for you ;)
  11. Same here! Inviato dal mio SM-G950F utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. It will. And in even repetitions, no bomb will follow the pipper (if distance is 600 ft, the pipper will be 300 ft apart from the middle bombs). I stand to be corrected Inviato dal mio SM-G950F utilizzando Tapatalk
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