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  1. There are many speeds to use when flying an aircraft. For example, airspeed, ground speed. Which speed is displayed on the Su-33's HUD? Which is the speed of the tanker?
  2. What does the "speed" of a tanker or your aircraft mean? Is there wake turbulence or not?
  3. Biking practice will often be in childhood. Humans remember the experiences they learned in childhood for a long time. Due to the limited amount of memory that humans want to use immediately, the experiences learned in adulthood are forgotten in order of less importance. If you want to consider it important forever, practice regularly. It is also done in the real life of the military. Carrier landing, for example, continues to be trained at ground bases while the carrier is under maintenance. However, if we have a reference point that can be verbalized without relying on your sens
  4. I was finally able to do AAR of a group with 2×F-14Bs on a short race track without disconnecting, spending several months. :joystick: :furious: :crash: :D Now I have shared the key points of AAR and how to learn AAR in this thread. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=286513 It will help those who are stuck in AAR :beer:
  5. Sorry I made you wait.:D If you do learn the key points described below, you will probably be able to do AAR like this video in the next few months :beer: : Conditions of this video: Player: 2×F-14Bs armed with 2×AIM-54s, 2×AIM-7s, 2×AIM-9s, no external tanks, initial furl state 6,479 lbs (40%) Tanker: KC-135 MPRS flying in a 3 nm long race-track orbit at 25,000 feet Wind : 20 knots at 26,000 feet Key points of AAR Do the straight & level flight without Axis Tune and any input to stick and throttle, by relaxing your limbs and trimming. Do not use the
  6. PS I hope that this way will not lead to give up the addition of the function that can set the parking spot on the aircraft carrier like the ground airport to ME...:fear:
  7. @Mac D According to my understanding, by placing the static aircraft objects at parking spots allows relatively free placement of aircraft(AI or Player) at arbitary spot and guidance to arbitrary CAT. if you want to launch from CAT3 & 4, place static airfraft objects at all parking spots on front deck; it makes spawn the aircraft at the parking spot on the rear deck. In the following mission file, S-3B Tanker will be launched from CAT3. S3BTanker_Launch_from_CAT3.miz
  8. Fuujin

    Longer wake

    -1 I'm sorry I withdraw my vote:( because I wish to realize another one than this:D Finally, even no ship's wake, I found that the two-step lineup(which I called) makes relatively easy than lineup to the centerline on deck directly after the final turn: 1) at the final turn end, lineup to BRC(slightly right side with parallelly to BRC). 2) then lineup to the centerline of the deck.
  9. I understand that by ED's business matter, it is impossible to add new airfields/airports/airbases reproduced the ACTUAL airfields/airports/airbases on the existing map. However, for me, it doesn't matter that the airfields/airports/airbases added are FICTIONAL, and it is better that WE CAN ADD THEM by Mission Editor FREELY even they are FICTIONAL.
  10. Fuujin

    Longer wake

    +1 Maybe long wakes cause performance problems? In that case, the wake will be shown only when turning on the wake option. It is better if we can set the length of the wake. :thumbup:
  11. This is because sharing Miz files becomes convenient:thumbup: how_to_beat_US_carrier.miz
  12. @Honez Thanks for your reply! The problem I had is just I didn't know how to use the racetrack of orbit:doh:
  13. I have a way to beat a US aircraft carrier of a carrier strike group by a small air force:gun_smilie: Is that cool?:D Sorry, the text in the video is incorrect:doh: The collect text: Red: 40 x F-14s (Air to Air) 20 x Mig-21s (Air to Air) 20 x F-4s (Air to Air) 40 x Su-24s (Anti-ship strike) Blue: 1 x Aircraft carrier 2 x Aegis warships 3 x Destroyers 1 x E-2D (AWACS) 8 x F/A-18s (CAP) 40 x F/A-18s (Reinforcement)
  14. After updating Ver2.5.6, A2A Refueling of AI aircraft group with 2 ships will eternal refueling in orbit, but it has been a success to refuel in the Box path. In the latter case, however, it is necessary to create many waypoints on a Box path, because if I reuse a single box-path with mist.getRoute() or Controller.setTask(), refueling will be canceled when those functions are called. Please let me know if there is any way I can keep a tanker in the same airspace without creating many waypoints.
  15. Thanks for many AAR bugs fixed and effort of ED. :beer:
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