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  1. LC214

    MIDS Radio

    Are we going to get MIDS radio for secure comms? I am unsure if this is accurate for our Falcon or not but it is a very nice feature in the Hornet having essentially 4 radios to talk on in SRS. Would be wonderful for the F-16.
  2. Yes I clearly understand the differences. I am saying that in DCS, JDAMs are infinitely more useful against SAM networks as they do not get shot down at all. And unless you have a player in combined arms controlling the SAMs, they will not move out of the way. From a real life perspective yes you are absolutely correct, but in DCS JDAMs are simply more effective.
  3. Honestly for the multiplayer argument, HARMs aren't very good anyway. JDAMs are much more reliable as they cannot be shot down, so I don't see how having 2 more equates to portable nuke launchers in terms of balance.
  4. You are free to use it as a coping mechanism, but it is still a video game that you play on your computer at home.
  5. It's a video game and people have the ability to choose not use things they don't want to use?
  6. Let me ask you this, what would you say to the SMEs that ED is employing that greenlit 4 HARMs in the first place?
  7. I seriously doubt ED would accidentally model an AESA radar, that's hardly an equivalent argument.
  8. This argument pops up literally every single time. How about this, keep what ED has already given to the plane, and stop there? Just because people are saying it is ridiculous for them to remove capability that they already added does NOT mean people are asking for things like double racked AMRAAMs.
  9. I think the biggest thing is that people forget that this is still a game, and instead try to use it as a coping mechanism for not actually being a real life fighter pilot. So any time they see people having fun with something they deem "unrealistic" they freak out.
  10. Yeah because everyone is absolutely going to read through the entire NATOPS on a plane before buying it instead of watching a couple videos.
  11. I have to agree. I am willing to bet the majority of the people who voted no do not play on multiplayer servers where people would be taking loadouts they deem unrealistic anyway.
  12. Uh probably because some people might have bought the F-16 on the fact that it can use 4 HARMs in DCS? And that taking away such capability after the fact would make them regret their purchase? This is a very different issue than a landing gear handle not behaving properly.
  13. Why bother taking it away after already adding it. This is a decision that should have been made months ago. Voted yes.
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