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  1. Hmm odd. Not even a response either, just marked as "coming later" . In the meantime here's some the ARC-210 shots we've already seen to stare at (looking back now the fact the old radio is on but the ARC-210 isn't should have set my hopes for how far along the ARC-210 was at release )
  2. Don't think we've heard anything since the 2021 Roadmap which is pretty vague time wise just slating it as coming in 2021
  3. Which is exactly why the LAAP Engage Long depress column should have been left out of the manual imo But it's pretty easy to see what happened someone got told to replicate the real -1s control function definitions and left it at that without marking or removing the inop function, easy fix once flagged.
  4. I do agree that if this was some physical panel or switch which was there in the game but not implemented it would make sense to document it but this is a feature that uses a function of an already existing button that has 1 visual cue on the MFDs to go along with it that you won't see in the sim anyways. Rebinding buttons for long pressed would be cool but i don't exactly see how you'd implement that using the current control assignment mechanics.
  5. Why should a feature not in DCS be included in the DCS Manual of the product? Cluttering the manuals with "this exists but you can use it" seems pretty pointless
  6. Well the phraseology of the keybinding seems to be accurate and as suspected it's an IRL feature that is not implemented in our A-10. From what i understand it is in fact to do with saving then sending whatever is displaying on the MFDs (aka an image) over Datalink upon a long press of the left throttle button (LAAP Engage). Basically goes like this from what i could gather- Left Throttle Button Long press, it will then by default capture the right MFDs image (or the left if LMFD is SOI), it'll then count down til its saved it and after that it is then stored and can be send across the
  7. I'd definitely like to hear EDs intentions regarding the current datalink implementation, the limited implementation in singleplayer is cool but multiplayer datalink needs some love especially given the fact contested AA environments are standard for most multiplayer servers. That said some more A-10 news in general would be nice, been pretty quiet apart from the odd bug fixes since October
  8. Used to happen to me constantly while turning in for APKWS shots until I started doing this, During your roll-in point your velocity vector just a bit above the horizon (and therefore above the target) then once on heading just pointing your nose down if required This from what I understand means the targeting pod has to do less multi axis slewing since it just needs to slew right or left, stop, and then down which avoids the gimbal going crazy and losing its track.
  9. +1, would be nicer to have an of the era GPS but I think that'd be a Huey II upgrade, for now however a $5.99 NS430 integration would work just fine
  10. +1, the hog could do with some more axis binds all round. Mouse wheel scrolling knobs with no indicators, like RWR volume, sucks
  11. Seems like it already is (in both the standalone NS430 and the bundles)
  12. +1 It's relatively fine on Caucasus but with Syria it's either put a brick on my rudder pedals during startup/shutdown or roll across the airfield
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