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  1. The Mi8 is far too prone to entering VRS. Yes, I'm aware of the lengthy debate on this topic. Sorry, but it's just a fact, as far as I'm concerned (of course I'm nobody when it comes to this, so naturally I don't expect anything to change based on what I say, no illusions on that front). But the Mi8's excellent simulation of rotary winged flight is tarnished by an overzealous implementation of how hard it actually is to enter VRS. Yes, I know how to avoid it in DCS (don't confuse 'hard' with 'realistic'). No, if helicopters, and the Mi8/17 were that prone to enter VRS is would be V
  2. On a small cautionary note, the AI can, for the moment, still see through clouds. From the patch notes, 'known issues': "Currently as part of the initial release, clouds do not affect LOS for the AI."
  3. This is a lot more apparent now because of laser guided, boresight (ie. fired straight ahead) weapons like the APKWS. People are going to try and religiously get the pipper on the target, making the TGP have to rotate around a lot to try and keep on the point target if they get the nose even slightly low. I recommend biasing nose high and allowing the rockets to 'drop' a bit more to the target, keeping the TGP outside the zone where this can happen. The rockets will still hit.
  4. We've all been there at one time or another. PEBESAC (Problem Exists Between Ejection Seat And Canopy)
  5. I would absolutely pay for such a module, indeed I'm surprised it isn't already one. So, +1
  6. Incredible work. A night and day difference.
  7. There are quite a few reasons why keeping a RL aircraft cruising in straight and level flight is easier than a sim: 1) Peripheral vision is easier IRL. Even when head down, you can see the horizon out the corner of your eyes. 2) Seat of the pants. IRL, you are cued when the aircraft does something bouncy, in sims you can be pulling a 6G barrel roll and be unaware of it. 3) Trimming. Real aircraft are generally easier to trim for straight and level, it tends to all even out. Most true for slower, piston engined, straight winged (no sweepback) aircraft. 4) Control feel. In sims, your stick d
  8. Question for those who know, do the F18's DDI's automatically adjust for sunlight? I fly 737's, and the -400's displays are CRT (hence the nice burned in images of the horizon etc on the PFD for example), and the -800's are LCD/TFT (one of those, I dunno!) but all are supposedly 'sunlight readable' - BUT they also have a little light sensor, that automatically adjusts the display brightness, so as the sun crosses the panel, the displays brighten automatically. You stil have the main brightness control, but it's normally left in the centre detent, even at night. The setup is generally pretty go
  9. The OP stated that they will be using the 'standard Vector track clip'. That (to me) means what Naturalpoint calls the 'Trackclip'. That's to differentiate between that, and the 'Trackclip PRO', which is the powered, LED carrying device that could be attached to a hairband etc. if one doesn't use a headset (as the OP stated). All as seen here: https://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/accessories/ The spring steel Trackclip can only be tracked properly if its slightly in front of your head, pretty much exactly where it would be if worn as designed, on a cap peak. The most open air type of
  10. Suck it up and wear a cap. It is, by far, the simplest, most comfortable solution. You'll be putting *something* on your head anyway, and since you don't use a headset, there is nothing else to put it on. Which means you'll be wearing some dorky contraption, or a baseball cap which is comfortable to wear, and for which the clip is specifically designed to easily attach to, and whose position the TiR software is specfically written to track. I'd be very curious to see what else is even possible, that doesn't resemble a cap.
  11. Asking the real question. With 100% maintenance and flawless weapons (ie. they never just drop into the water, everything works every time), a single incoming subsonic missile should be managed quite readily. This is after all the main threat all defensive weapons have been designed to defeat. I would expect nothing less. The fact that DCS allows magical safety for aircraft at super low altitudes (based on what I have seen, and why I quoted the above) is leading to confusion here, as people assume the same treatment for missiles. The whole idea of 'radar clutter' is overblown to a degree
  12. Just to add, since I have the same problem: Even though the GS (for Ground Speed) checkbox is checked in the mission editor for both CV and helo, the helo still passes/falls behind the carrier. ie. With the GS box checked, wind, density altitude etc should have no effect, but 25 kts for both CV and helo still results in a split.
  13. I get 60 fps + on the deck in the F14 on my old PC, all options high or close to it, some fps hogs like SLR and higher MSAA values turned off, which is amazing for the level of detail and calculation running in the background. This is on 2560 X 1440. It's still playable at 4K. But OBVIOUSLY when you try and run the huge, double images of VR it will suffer. ANYTHING that wasn't specifically designed to run like that (ie. lower poly count, lower draw distances etc) would. That's why there's a VR setting in the gfx options, and it turns everything down massively, and still struggles. VR is a new
  14. Well, this is a step up from the original Falcon, which I played :E I too didn't think we'd see an F16 in DCS. Well done ED, damn fine work getting it out the door. I look forward to the evolution of this bird. Not surprising of course is the usual 'it's released too soon, not enough content!', after the 'release it now!' of course, 'flight model seems off!' (lol, *never* seen that before in my 30 years of simming). I guess all I'd say is chill everybody, *everything* is a work in progress....
  15. Same. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/threats/malware-encyclopedia-description?name=Trojan%3aScript%2fForetype.A!ml&threatid=2147724345 Not much detail there, but Windows Defender seems pretty sure of itself. A 2017 entry as well....
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