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  1. Hell hath no fury like video gamers when someone wants to play their game a different way.
  2. Several of us have, which is why it's kinda interesting that this thread received the "correct as is" tag. Pictures and tracks have been posted... how can the CCIP line angling off almost 90 degrees in straight and level flight be considered "correct?"
  3. Exactly, that's the same question I keep asking too: how can this be an INS alignment problem, if the ONLY THING it affects is the CCIP line? If the INS was severely mis-aligned, ALL of your attitude and likely position indications would be completely wrong. This bug is specific to CCIP; it's not a general INS mis-alignment. It's also not user error... and it's also very much not "correct as is".
  4. I believe you have to be heading somewhat towards the station as well. Pretty tough to calculate fuel remaining without a positive closure. That said, sometimes the Tacan will glitch. If it's not behaving as expected, turn it off and back on, that'll usually square it away.
  5. 1. If the 120 is uncaged, this would be made very obvious by the segmented circle in the HUD; unless there was a DIFFERENT bug causing it not to display either, that definitely wasn't the issue ;). 2. A jamming target making ranging impossible would (should) show up in the doghouse, not the middle of the top-down radar display. This would seem to indicate it had range info. I actually seem to remember target range being displayed on the HUD but I'm not positive... but I know it wasn't in the doghouse or I would have immediately recognized it as a jamming target. No,
  6. Also worth looking into DCS Liberation if you haven't seen it. It's a free standalone campaign generator for DCS; I believe 2.4.2 is the latest version on Github. A great team of folks have put it together and it's completely changed DCS for me.
  7. Very much agreed on both of these. I've been wanting a realistic Intruder sim since I read Coonts' books in my teens... and that was a while ago lol.
  8. So what you're saying is... get ALL the modules, just to be safe? (I have no problem with this advice .)
  9. But here's the thing: if it's an INS problem, why does it only affect the CCIP line? Why isn't your normal attitude symbology on your HUD (pitch ladder, roll scale) affected as well?
  10. ICLS definitely works currently; must have been something wrong with the mission set up.
  11. Well, you don't have the nose-pointing or alpha advantages that the Hornet seems to have against other fighters, so I feel like it's gotta come down to playing energy management and geometry better than the other guy. When I'm able to actually *win* a fight against another Hornet (vs just getting lucky because the other guy lost sight or something), it seems to come down to me (more through luck than skill I'm sure) properly employing maneuvers like yo-yos and displacement rolls; maneuvers designed to use geometry to your advantage, and manage your energy state. Check
  12. So you're saying you think the problems of tracks being dropped is related to 140 degree azimuth setting? How about a "pseudo track" where the radar indicates it has an L&S target but there's no weapon range symbology on the radar and no NIRD in the HUD? I've seen that a few times.. anyone else?
  13. Agree with all these things, except that I'll launch AMRAAMs at 15 miles with decent luck... IF I can hold track on the target long enough to do it.
  14. The Hornet radar has multiple problems right now, and for a forum admin to dismiss them with "user errors" and "cannot reproduce" tags is disingenuous. That may have been the case in this one example, but the forums are littered with people explaining that they cannot maintain track on a brick right now. An ED rep even acknowledged some of this last week, while suggesting we make sure target aging is set to something longer than 4 seconds. I've been setting it to 16 and that *may* help but is not the total answer. Most of my issues have been in RWS... TWS seems to w
  15. I like it! Reminds me of the airboss trap log, but cleaner. Will this only be part of your campaign, or could it be extended to work with any DCS mission? Thanks!
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