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  1. I could be completely off with this, but I wonder if one of the issues is that the info bar may be accurate to the sim, but is it accurate to real life as well? We are trying to compare a real life chart of the F14's performance to its performance in a sim. It would be extremely difficult(more like impossible) for the sim to be dialed in so that dimensions and other measurements are completely exact like in real life. HB could tune the F14 to match every real world chart that they can find, but if the sim is not perfect in it's measurements when compared to real life then the performance would
  2. I got a IPS monitor and everything now looks great! Looks like it was the TN monitor. Thanks!
  3. Mission 5 looks be be broken after the update. I link up with the rest of the F14's and fly over to waypoint 2 and 3 and nothing will trigger from there. Mission 3 or 4(Can't remember which one. Whichever one where it is storming and you fly out to identify a rotary aircraft) is awesome with the new clouds!
  4. I've read a bunch of stuff and found that my monitor apparently has this issue. It's odd that I only see it while playing DCS though. I used a different computer and looked at the screenshots I posted and do not see the issue. Anyone know what to do? I bought this monitor last year so it really sucks if I have to buy a different monitor.
  5. I looked into color banding and I think that’s my issue as well. I even found a DCS thread where others were having the same issue and were saying it’s a dcs problem.
  6. Mustang, I have deleted that file as well a long time ago and it did not help. silverdevil, you cannot see anything wrong in the picture? I'm on a different computer right now and the screen shots like good, except for being really dark as well. The issue we are experiencing is that the light does not transition smoothly in the sky when it is dark. The sky around the moon, etc has lines of lighter color of sky instead of being a smooth transition if that makes sense. I'll see if I can get some better screen shots posted today. I would think it's a DCS issue since other
  7. My monitor is also a LED/TN. I am not so sure that it is an issue with the monitor because I have the same issue when I hook up my old monitor still. This issue originally started while I was still using my old monitor. I also do not have any issues like this with any other games, so I think this would just be a DCS issue? Why do you think this would be an issue with LED/TN monitors? I have the same issue when it gets dark it looks awful.
  8. I'm using a Dell G-sync monitor. It did it with my old monitor as well. I've been having this issue for about a year lol.
  9. I'm having a graphics issue during night time missions. The sky and clouds look messed up. The sky is blotchy and pixilated around bright colors(like the HUD) and where the colors change in the sky. It just isn't clear at all and looks awful. I'll attach some pictures to show what I mean. My graphics card drivers are up to date and I've tried messing around with settings and I'm stumped. I'm using Open Beta. My computer is an i7 9700F, Nvidia 2060, 32 gigs RAM, 240 gig SSD, and Windows 10. I used to have a Nvidia 1660 and it still had the same graphics issue.
  10. I don't think you are doing anything wrong, but I'm not a expert. It's just the state of the game. It's because the missiles are completely screwed up. I played several Zone 5 missions last night and another mission today. I have fired around 10 AIM 54's over the last couple of days with no hits. They just fly right past a target that is flying straight towards me and not maneuvering. I also fired Sparrows and watched them track the target and then turn the complete opposite way at the last second and miss. It's frustrating for sure at times.
  11. The missiles are missing even when the target is flying straight towards me. That would not count as notching, right? I've also watched for chaff and there was not any, so I'm not sure what the deal is. I don't understand everything with all of this so it's possible I am screwing something up, it's just odd that I used to not have much trouble until recently. bonesfv103, that is the same behavior that I've noticed too.
  12. What is the deal with the missiles now? Ever since the last couple of updates, I cannot hit anything with them. I just flew a single player mission and fired 4 Phoenix's at four different F14's and not one hit and they just flew straight by. The targets where flying straight towards me the entire time... I then used two Sparrows and two Sidewinders. Both Sparrows did not track. One sidewinder hit a target and the other missed. I used to have about a a 9/10 chance to hit a target with a missile and now have to always rely on guns to take care of everything. It's very frustrating. An
  13. Len62, the driver version is 445.98.
  14. Thanks for the help! I have been in contact with Nvidia as well about this and they figured it out last night by having me download a hot fix driver that fixed the issue. Now the sky looks great!
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