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  1. Hallo, Wenn jemand interessiert ist. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Virpil-VPC-MongoosT-50CM2-Throttle/164691090256?hash=item26585a9b50:g:HXEAAOSw9axgIDED Mfg
  2. GT Omega Racing Pro mit Obutto flightstick/throttle mount. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/gt-omega-racing-rig/1506746941-225-5476
  3. 2070 Sup, 32 GB, 9600K @ 5GHz, Rift S, 1.2 SS, stable 40 above the cities in a huey, outside it jumps up to 80 time to time. it is definitely demanding, but it has lots of detasils, very well made, best map in DCS so far, way ahead of the others
  4. Is there any chance that multicrew gets fixed any soon? it is a fun bird to fly alone for a bit, but multicrew makes (made) it shine
  5. Update #2: so the mission is doable, but it is not updating the campaign, after completion still the same mission starting all over again, did it twice, still not updating, it seems everything is complete, landed at the final parking spot facing the taxiway as it was directed, turned off engine, the mission exits automatically
  6. Quick post patch update. The mission is doable now, everything works perfect as long as you do not mess it up. However uppon failure, it has very weird behaviour. You get dropped to debriefing, as normal, if you choose try again from debriefing, you will have no control over the chopper, it start up automatically, fly abouve the runway which causes mission failure again, back to debriefing, it looks like it is replaying a recorded attempt (not yours, it is always the same). if you choose end mission, and restart it from the campaign page, everything works fine again.
  7. I am on the latest beta, in mission 8 the Russian frigate (Minsk) is still missing, makes it unable to progress in the mission. Any update on that? (or any workaround) thx
  8. Quick update, checked the mission again, the Minsk is actually there, but it is under water ....
  9. Mission 8 Russian frigate Minsk is missing... the burning ship is there, the speedboats are there, the Mi-8 is there, the US frigate is there, but no Minsk...i am on beta, the initial issue with the mission ends right after the start seems to be fixed
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