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  1. Sure on the new Super Carrier :) ! Thank you, too, Greyman!
  2. Thank you Hornblower and everyone else for all the effort you put in this to help me! :thumbup:
  3. Hollywood, OMG, that was the solution!!!! Database in VAICOMPRO was corrupted … deleting the two folders solved it! Finally it's WORKING :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Just tested in DCS and everything seems to work just fine :) Thanks Hollywood, Hornblower and everyone else who supported! Great people, great forum! You would not believe how happy I am right now! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!
  4. Hi Hollywood, did what you said and used revert & finish button, transferred the keywords to VA. I was surprised because then I got "unrecognized: Batumi" back from VA, which puzzled me. I loaded the vanilla VAICOMPRO for DCS .vap profile again and compared: The keyword list that VAICOMPRO holds is much shorter the keyword list in the .vap profile. To compare: 1. current keyword list in VAICOMPRO (I believe the same before and after "revert"): *Bomb*; *Bullet*; *Dart*; *from the East*; *from the North*; *from the NorthEast*; *from the NorthWest*; *from the South*; *from th
  5. Hollywood, I was so hyped potentially finding something that I didn't realize the obvious: Looking in DCS might be looking in the wrong place, because even without DCS, in Hornblower's screenshot you can see that he gets an additonal "Have result, identified as recipient: Batumi" debug message, that I do NOT get. Again, Hornblower's screenshot: [ATTACH]238157[/ATTACH] My Screenshot: btw … I checked the ATC.lua file. Why the .subplace=NIL/NULL and what the connection with the VAICOMPRO .lua files is I'm not sure (at least it's not healthy to not catch NIL values in your code).
  6. Hollywood, I did a DCS repair, created a test mission starting hot on Batumi parking lot. "Batumi select" is understood (debug message "captured sentence: Batumi select"), but returns no beep or any reaction. Tuning in the frequency manually, again, no communication possible. BUT … your hint to look at the DCS.log may have brought some clues: Just starting DCS and loading the test mission, results in the following error logged in DCS.log: 2020-06-02 14:57:10.784 INFO COCKPITBASE: lua state still active MACROS, 55 (status undefined) 2020-06-02 14:57:10.784 INFO COCKPITBASE: l
  7. Hi Greyman, did the whole thing when switching back and forth including keywords transfer and speech delay settings. As seen in the debug messages obviously VAICOMPRO recognizes what I say (VSPX on or OFF), so no problem with recognition as far as I can tell. I am though not getting the "Have result, identified as command: ..." debug message that Hornblower is getting. Obviously something is going wrong in between when VIACOMPRO logs "captured sentence ..." and the "have result" part that is or leads to the actions inside DCS. Seems to be something within VAICOMPRO code maybe? @Hollywood
  8. Hi Hornblower, thanks for your continuous support! I went through this checklist from the current VAICOMPRO manual as follows, hope I didn't miss anything important: TAB GENERAL Enable Plugin Support: ON --- CHECK, VAICOMPRO is loaded properly, I don't use other plugins Joystick Options --- CHECK, using buttons on my HOTAS throttle with no problems Load Profile on Startup: set to "VAICOM PRO for DCS World" (As suggested by Hollywood, I imported the vanilla VAICOMPRO .vap profile in VA to eliminate any potential issues arising from an edited profile.) TAB RECOGNITION Speech
  9. Hello Hornblower, after Hollywood's suggestion to keep pressing the button until I get a confirmation, I waited several seconds (tried up to maybe 10sec) after I got the debug message "captured sentence ...", but unfortunately I get nothing ... no audio hint/confirmation nor any further reaction of VAICOMPRO in VA log :( (tried that without DCS started and also in game)
  10. Hi sthompson, thanks for your hint! I'm sure I'm tuned in to the right frequency (radio is on, etc.). When in game this is even confirmed by a VAICOMPRO debug message like e.g. "[black] TX1 | COMM1: ARC-210 AM 134.000 MHz tuned for ATC unit Kutaisi [AI]" (see my original post). Additionally I confirmed the correct frequency via forcing communication via menus and I was able to communicate with the recipient via menus correctly.
  11. It is exactly how you say, I'm missing the "Have result, identified …" for whatever reason. Here is the screen shot of my VA log from which I copied and pasted the contents in a previous post: This example screenshot was taken without DCS started like yours.
  12. When troubleshooting the issue, I found a post on reddit a few days ago, that talked about a "config.lua" where the VAICOMPRO sound was set to 0, which was the reason he couldn't hear anything: https://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/b73n95/vaicom_listening_but_not_talking_any_help_please/ I tried to find that .lua file but couldn't find anything in DCS. Could this be a reason why I don't hear anything? As far as I understand, VAICOMPRO sound are not passed thru DCS but thru VA anyway ?!
  13. Hi all, thanks all for your suggestions ... Reading on BSpikes case I came up with the idea to remove all VAICOMPRO lua files (Saved games + DCS World install folder), then do a DCS repair and start VA/VAICOMPRO again to make sure everything is up to date. Did that, but to no avail. Problem still stays the same :(
  14. BSpike, yes, I can properly see the module name (tested in F15, F-16, F/A-18 ) in the PTT page of VAICOMPRO …
  15. Yes, they are set to release and standalone correctly. I also only have this one installation of DCS (no additional openbeta install). Also, I checked that the .lua files from VAICOMPRO are present/content appended in the DCS folders like described in the VAICOMPRO manual. To my understanding, that looks good ...
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