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  1. Hey Caveman, did you ever find a solution for the missing controls? I seem to have the exact same problem as you had, almost a year later! Update: Found that a Key bound to "Fire Minigun" fires Gun and Rockets as well, seems that somehow the control labels got corrupted on my system. But it works now!
  2. You execute your script in the server environment, right? As far as I understand the documentation on Hoggit, functions related to the timer singleton are only included in the mission scripting environment.
  3. Hey Shrike, from what I can see you have the order of the parameters mixed up. Your entry: -s-RUSSIA-t55 How it should be: -s-t55-RUSSIA Parameters that I flagged as optional (like the country) in the documentation can be entered in any order, but always BEHIND the mandatory parameters shown in orange!
  4. Hey, fellow Gazelle pilots, just a quick notice: I created a script that gives the GazelleM a laser designator. It even slews with the Viviane sight! The main thread is over in the Mission Editor section, I just wanted to let you guys know! Cheers, Cake
  5. Hey helicopter pilots, if you (like me) just can't wait any longer for the OH-58D to finally be released, and want to get in on the action of designating targets for our fast and high flying buddies a little earlier, I created something that might interest you! This script adds the ability for Pilots of the SA342M to designate ground targets by laser. It includes the following features: -Configurable laser codes and laser code presets -Automatic tracking of the Viviane LOS and recalculation of the lased point -Configurable snappin
  6. Hey guys, thanks for keeping this thread alive! :) @Catweedle Yes, that would work in regards to restricting access, thanks!
  7. That would be included in the feedback system I have planned (see the section about planned features in my release post). Due to a bug in the scripting engine it is currently not possible for the script to know which player issued a command. Any feedback messages would therefore have to be visible to all players on the server. The resulting loss of immersion is why I have decided not to implement this feature at this time.
  8. @monkie Tested this and can confirm your observations for OpenBeta, in Stable everything still works as intended. Guess they changed something about unit behaviour with the latest OB patch, maybe this is a consequence of the fix they did for the disembarking of units. I will try to find a workaround but can't make any promises.
  9. I'll add that to the to-do-list. I'm pretty busy in RL right now, so it might take one or two weeks before i get around to implementing it, though.
  10. The liveries are not specified in the template file, thus the game falls back to the default livery for the combination of plane and country you are spawning. You can not select liveries on spawn. I could in theory implement a method for players to specify a livery as a parameter for the "-s" command, but this would require me to research the names of all liveries currently in the game and which aircraft they can be applied to. I tested the "-lz" command again in MP and SP but it worked for me. You should not have to setup anything beforehand, just enter the command and give the name of the
  11. Hey folks, new version 2.1 out today! :D Check out the changelog at the beginning of the thread! Leider muss ich ankündigen, dass das Deutsche Handbuch von mir nicht weiter gepflegt wird. Mir fehlt einfach die Zeit.
  12. Hey, thanks for the scriptfile. I finally found the time to look at your additions. Your approach is to use the marker commands to spawn the infantry groups and crates that are predefined in CTLD. Looking at this i had an idea for a different approach. What if I could instead make CTLD recognize Groups that have been spawned with the "-s" command and the "-cargo" parameter? After a bit of testing i got it working for ground units. You can now, for example, spawn an infantry group from Gamemaster_Templates and load it as an extractable group with CTLD. All you have to do is use the "-c
  13. Yes, please! :D I just started coding my own command for the spawning of statics, but I'm very curious to see your code on that. And I hadn't even thought about creating an integration with CTLD...nice!
  14. Hi, it's pretty late here, so I apologize beforehand if I misunderstood your question due to tiredness. I understand that you want to spawn a MiG 21 on the ramp in an uncontrolled state and turn it on at a later time. There are three different ways to do this with the gamemaster script: 1. Method: Set the group up as late activated, start from ramp and uncontrolled in the mission editor (ME), then activate it ingame with the "-act" command (see Section 5.2 of the manual). The group will then spawn in an uncontrolled state. To turn it on you can use the "-ctrlon" command (see section 5.
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