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  1. I also going crazy finding out how it works, the only cruise missle what work is the mk2 it will drop when you use the override Launch Authorization. After launch it will guide automatically to the target, there pretty powerful with 8 good hits you can sink an US aircraft carrier. I don't findet out yet how to launch the other missiles and how to attack a specific target it seems mk2 attack random targets so watch out that you don't have friendly forces there. BTW try to post your question at the mod section here there is a thread about the su57.
  2. Hello, I have 265h practice in Russian FC3 Planes mostly Su27/33 I want to master the Fulcrum for standing a chance in difficult PVE Missions and Pvp.
  3. Do you have an Link for me maybe, I didn't find anything about this possibility? I know it's possible to land with an 29a but it's very difficult. So editing the Lua with an command let me place one on the carrierer, start it and land it like an Su33?
  4. The lack of naval Red Force Planes is very sad. Tons of naval content for Blue for but nothing for red.
  5. If you very skilled it's possible to start and land with an Mig29s and Frogfoot. It's a shame there is no mod what puts a hook on these twos. I don't fly often western planes but with the Su33 you can turn off fly by Wire and start with an cobra even with 100% weight and 16knots carrier speed. If you can drag enough speed and nearly do a straight up with 31 knots carrier Speed it could work if the plane isn't that overload.
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